Why younger girls are attracted towards older men?

Attraction is something that can arise for anyone depending upon your interest in the person. There could be many reasons behind attraction towards an opposite sex. If we talk about girls, they don’t get attracted easily. They consider many points like looks, maturity, status, way of talking and many more before making their perception on a particular man. Mature men generally come on the top of a girl’s consideration. Girls like men who are elder to them more than men of their age group.

The question here is why young girls are attracted towards old men? The answer is very simple to understand. Girls like old men because they are grown up and intelligent. Also young girls usually think like, older men are more experienced physically and emotionally. Not just attracted at times girls also date younger men. However, it’s very difficult yet simple to understand that why young girls fall for old men? Or why girls date old men?

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To have a better understanding of the reasons why young girls are attracted towards old men, let’s have look at various facts that define a girl’s psychology and certain traits about older men that influence her in their favor. Following are the 8 reasons women are attached to young men


Young women want a man with status, who can sponsor their shopping, spend money on them. This is somehow not possible with the boys of their age because they are not well established completely. Therefore, with older men girls feel more pampered and secure.


With time everyone gains maturity. Girls always look for a mature man who is able t take decisions on their behalf and able to take his own life decisions independently.

Physical features

With time every men gains various physical features like, height, good looks, physique, moustache and beard etc. Impressive Physical features are also another reason behind girls getting attracted towards older men.


It’s very strange to know the reasons why teen girls get attached to older men? In teenage girls see their father as an ideal man for their mother, and hence they wish to be with that kind of ideal man. Girls in their teenage actually fantasize about a man older than them.


Girls think a man older to them is close to his wedding age and hence girls get the surety of their future.  They feel like being the final choice of their partner and he will marry her for sure.

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Convincing power

Older men have greater convincing power. At times girls are influenced in a certain manner that eventually gets attracted towards older men, without having any such intensions before.reasons girls are attracted to old men


Lust is the feeling of strong sexual desire for someone. Young girls at times have a feeling of lust for older men. They get attracted because the man is easily able to arouse them sexually.


Young girls get a sense of protection with a man older to them just like they get with their father, uncle or elder brother. They feel safe with older men and hence opt to have them as their partner.


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