Why young boys are attracted towards married women

If you are a woman happily married, then you will definitely think of why young boys, men, guys are attracted to married woman? You must have faced such events at least few times.

Recent developments in technology and science not only have changed the way we live but also have made a major impact in turning so many nature based things. To think in a different way is an encouraging thing and needs appreciation. Because, it the way for human growth. But it has adverse effects too. Any good thing in this world does not come alone. It comes along with its companion. It brings on a bad effect. So, the negative effects have to be considered and treated well so that the world will not turn to be an unlivable place for us.

There are few natural laws which are governed by Science and those should never be disturbed. But, in the contrary recent developments in science take the man kind to endless faults. One such happening is young men attracted towards married women. The answer is so simple. It’s the same man kind who have started to think why should this not happen? Young boys are so independent these days and this pave reasons young guys fall for married women. Boys must be given sex education at school age to avoid such situations, rest it completely depends on the likings of a person. Let’s go in details of why this is happening.

Why young boys fall for married woman?

Comfort level

Older woman are more comfortable to be with. The age must have taught them a lot to cut down arguments. Young boys at around these ages in high schools and college will definitely hate someone with an argument. It is so soothing for them who agrees with all their crazy ideas and doesn’t even object to it. Moreover, if at all any ideas are given it shall be in a very soft manner. So, they just love that company.

Lesser competition

Of course, a woman in her late thirties, forties and fifties will never have someone to compete with to get her. A young man likes the way it is, it becomes natural for boys to bet attracted to woman who has a broken marriage or a spinster at that age. But, there would be a lot of competition and boys around young girls flirting for just a date.reasons boys are attracted towards married men

Maturity and emotional quotient

An older woman has a lot of maturity and is well balanced with her mind. So, any boy would see a mother in her and thus be attracted. They don’t have to fight and argue for silly things which they had to do when in a relation with young girls who are not so matured. Young men will have this comfort level towards older woman irrespective of her married life.

Responsibility and financial security

Whether it is young girls or boys, they need a person who is financially secured. Hey find an older woman whose career must be then stabilized and some easiness towards finance. Irrespective of the financial stability, middle aged woman has a good amount of confidence in her who reflects in her attitude and her dressing. And responsiveness is a way of her life which every young guy needs for them to be care free.

This might be a current trend all over world but every guy has to re-think of reality and respect nature and science.

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