Why We Celebrate Christmas Every Year On December 25?

When was Jesus born?

According to a well-known saga, Jesus was born on December 25 in the year 1 C.E. The latest evidence does not give any date or year for his birth. The first gospel (St. Mark’s) that was written around 65 C.E. starts with the baptism of a grown up Jesus. This gives an idea that the first Christians had little knowledge and low interest in the birth date of Jesus Christ. Dionysius Exiguus, a Scythain monk, “abbot of a Roman monastery determined the birth year of Jesus  as given below:

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  • Years were counted from ab urbe condita (“the founding of the City”) in the roman pre-Christian era. Therefore, one AUC depicts the year in which Rome was discovered, five AUC depicts the 5th year Rome’s supremacy, etc.
  • Dionysius acknowledged a custom that was adopted in the supremacy of the Roman Emperor Augustus of 43 years and was even followed by the emperor Tiberius.
  •  Luke 3:1, 23 is significant of the fact that when Jesus was 30 years old, it was the 15th year of Tiberius supremacy.
  • Jesus lived 15 years under Augustus if he was 30 years old under the Tiberius’s supremacy. This is significant of the fact that Jesus birth took place in the 28th year of Augustus supremacy.
  • Augustus ruled in the AUC 727.  Thus, Dionysius placed the birth of Jesus in AUC 754.
  • Though, Luke 1:5 puts the birth of Jesus in the time of Herod, who died in AUC 750, which is four years earlier the year in which Dionysius puts the birth of Jesus.

Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at the Catholic University of America, former president of the Catholic Biblical Association and a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission- Joseph A. Fitzmyer had written in the Catholic Church’s official commentary based on latest evidences about the date on which Jesus took birth. The year in which Jesus was born is not evident but it did not take place in AD 1. The Christian saga is presumed to begin in the year in which Jesus was born is a result of the misappropriations that were introduced in ca 533 by Dionysius Exiguss.

The DePascha Computus, an unidentified manuscript claims that the birth of Jesus took place on March 28, which is supposed to be written in North Africa around 243CE. A bishop of Alexandria believed that Jesus took birth on November 18. On the basis on historical reports, Fitzmyer supposed that the birth of Jesus took place in September 11, 3BCE.

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December 25 the real celebration of Christmas Begins?

  • Roman pagans initially introduced the vacation of Saturnalia that is a whole week period of lawlessness which is been celebrated between December 17-25. All over this period, the Roman courts remained closed and Roman law stated that no one would be given any sort of punishment for harming people or destructing any property throughout the entire week’s celebrations. The celebrations started when the Roman establishment selects a rival for the People of Rome to signify the “Lord of Misrule.” Every Roman community chose a prey whom they pressurize to involve in food and various other physical enjoyment all throughout the week. At the conclusion of the celebrations, December 25, the Roman establishment presumed that they were destroying the forces by cruelly this guiltless woman or man.
  • The earliest Greek poet, writer and historian Lucian displays the festival’s celebrations in his time.  He described these rituals as means of excessive intoxication and human sacrifices (going from one home to another singing naked, eating biscuits that were in shape of humans and sexual license.)
  • The basic difficulty was that there was nothing fundamentally Christian about Saturnalia. The Christian leaders in order to sort out this problem referred Saturnalia’s final day i.e. December 25 as the birth date of Jesus Christ.

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  • The priest rise matter of Boston that was noticed in 1687. The early Christians who noticed the birth on December 25 did not did so keeping in mind that Jesus Christ was born in that month but due to Heathens’ Saturnalia took place at that particular time in Rome.
  • Few of the most deprived rituals of the Saturnalia celebrations deliberately retrieved by the Catholic Church in 1466 when Pope Paul II, for the entertainment of his Roman population that enforced the Jews to ran naked throughout the streets of the nation.
  • As an element of the Saturnalia celebrations all over the 18th and 19th centuries CE, race of the ghetto in the Rome were enforced to put on clownish clothes and rally throughout the city streets to the jeers of the population, carrying different types of missiles. In 1836 when the Jewish population of Rome sent a request to Pope Gregory XVI requesting him to end the Saturnalia cruelty of the Jewish population and his response to it was that its not possible to mend it.

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The Origins of Christmas Customs

  1. The Origin of Christmas Tree
    As fast as Christians engaged Roman pagans by relating Christmas with the Saturnalia, so to the worshippers of Asheira religion and its branches were hired by the Church granting “Christmas Trees”. The pagans used to worship trees in the forest or they bought trees to their houses and garlanded them, and the Catholic Church accepted this practice with a Christian veneer.
  2. The Origin of Mistletoe
    Norse folklore tells that how God Hoder murdered God Balder with the help of a mistletoe arrow while they were fighting for a woman named Nanna. The Christian ritual of “kissing beneath the mistletoe” is a fusion of the physical license of Saturnalia with the Druidic benevolence religion.
  3. The Origin of Christmas Presents
    in the earlier Christian Rome, the kings forced their most unloved people to bring gifts and donations through Saturnalia in December and Kalends in January. Afterwards this practice prolonged to be inclusive of giving gifts to the citizens of the city. The Catholic Church gave this practice a Christian taste by reshaping it in the manner of giving gifts of Saint Nicholas.
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The Origin of Santa Claus

  • Saint Nicholas took birth in Parara, turkey in the 270 century and after that, he became a bishop of Myra. His life ended on December 6 in 345 CE. He was only referred as a saint in the 19th century.
  • He was one of the senior most bishops who assembles the Council of Nicaea and made the new evidences in 325 CE. The evidences that they supplied pictured Jews as the children from the devil who were a reason for the death of Jesus.

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  •  A set of sailors who considered Nicholas as an idol carried his bones from Turkey to a safe place in Bari, Italy in 1087. Nicholas planted a female boon there- providing deity called The Grandmother who has to keep some gifts in the children’s socks.

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The Christmas Challenge

  • Christmas is believed to be a vacation celebrated inaccurately. The Christians, pagans, Millennia and Jews gave away the season’s activity and only a hand full of people tried to discontinue these proceedings to respect the festival’s actual meaning, origin and history.
  • Christmas is celebrated on the birth of Jesus Christ, the Christian God who came to save humanity from the annoyance of the Torah. It is a 24-hour announcement that Judaism does not exist anymore.
  • Christmas is not true, as there is no Christian church with a custom that Jesus actually took birth on December 25.
  • 25th December is a day on which the Jews were humiliated, distressed and killed.
  • Most of the well-known Christmas rituals inclusive of the Christmas tree, Christmas presents, mistletoe and the Santa Claus are the modern inventions of the immortal pagan practices ever exercised on the earth.

Most of the people who are eagerly preparing for celebrating Christmas are not aware of the vacation’s actual importance. If they have the knowledge of the history, they regularly point out that their celebration has no relation with the vacation’s disastrous history and its real meaning. We are just enjoying.

Visualize that in 1933-45, the Nazi rule rejoiced Adolf Hitler’s birthday i.e. 20th April as a holiday.        Think that they named is as Hitler Day and celebrated the day with partying, drinking, giving gifts and various other pagan customs. Just think that on that day, Jews were historically subjected to humiliation, distress, and sexual assault and these activities were carried on for many centuries.

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If one actually wishes to stop the continued succession of this curse from the skies that is the blood of the Jews, there is only one way for doing this i.e. to eliminate these people.

Now think how you want to celebrate your Christmas.

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