Why to think before breaking up

Why to think before breakupYou are married or you are in a relationship. You have shared the rosiest moments with your partner. Both you and your partner are comfortable spending your quality time with each other. But then, sometimes, mild thoughts of variations start accumulating. It might look very normal in the start. But as time goes by, you will start realizing that the steps that follow break up initiates. Broken marriages have become very common these days. But as a social cause, it’s our duty to re-think as to why we should make it a common happening. And apart from it, it is a crime to endorse such happening.

Most common reasons for a break up | divorce

No others please!

For heaven sake doesn’t ever discuss the most personal things that you share with your partner with anyone else. This hurts your partner very much and widens the gap. Instead, talk to your partner more. Tell them where exactly they go wrong. Make them understand that you are ready to forgive them for the sake of the love you share.


Ego makes the most common reason for a breakup. We are not ready to accept the way we are. Only in places where love becomes more important that ego, live exist.

Why to think before a breakup / divorce

Am I right all the time?

Ask this to yourself. Were you right all the time? If you have the right to do a wrong things allowed sometimes, even your partner does. The extent to which you are hurt is the same scenario that applies to your partner.

Is it just anger?

Please do think and give some exercises to yourself, whether you feel to really break-up. Do you mean that? Or is it is just the anger you have on your partner. If it is just a matter of anger and your partner has to cross their fingers, please take rights to punish them. But don’t punish the love you share for each other.

Give up that little ego

Consider if you can give up that little ego, both of you can share the wonderful moments by being together all time all days in all your life.

Happenings after break up

Just close your eyes and think for a moment the days, minutes and seconds that you have to face after the breakup process. Just imagine you are practiced being with your partneralways and thus the most name instantly that you can utter will be your partners’. Think how dark your day would be without someone special in your life forever. Let it some crazy things that you do, or something that your partner does it to you in your routines. There is no point regretting after the breakup.

Breakup is not a conclusion. What needs to be done to renew he relationship has to be sorted. It’s always better to throw off the ego and live and let live. It’s always easy to destroy but takes an enormous amount to build. Just think why not to breakupand not to only breakup.

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