Why the Relationships have gone Wild

Why relations are going wildLong have gone the times when brothers were like Ram and Laxman, when a wife like Saraswati could bring her husband back from the corridors of heavens and when love was like that of Romeo and Juliet. Long have even gone those times when the closest relationship was shared amongst a mother and her children and where same blood that flew in the veins of family members bound them all together with each other in inseparable manner. Those times are gone! Today the color of blood has changed. It’s no more red, the color of love. In fact it has turned white, the color of numbness and a color representing heartlessness.

The kind of lifestyle that we have today has changed the way of our life. Money is an important matter, so is social status. Relationships have taken a backseat these days. Relatives are usually remembered either in time of need or at the time of funerals. It has become more important to lead a luxurious life with all the comforts possible in a nuclear family. In time of need even the closest relatives turn their faces away as if they never knew you.  An increase in the number of senior citizen or old age homes is an indicating factor that children today do not feel comfortable in the company of their old parents with old beliefs and set of minds. It’s preferable if the old couples or even singles spend rest of their lives either in senior citizen homes or in a separate cottage that they obviously shall maintain on their own.

It was quite an old story when there were huge joint families with so many uncles and aunts and their kids who were all fed out of the same business and the same kitchen but in today’s scenario one cannot even imagine in wildest of his dreams to even live with his own brother under the same roof after getting married. Money matters more than relationships do. Perhaps if we could have price tags on relationships these days, the relationships would survive little longer. If friends could always be with benefits and teachers were perhaps not so strict then may be relationships wouldn’t have gone so wild.

But the undeniable fact is that we live in a world of mean people who have their desires and the first motive is to fulfill them. If a relationship hampers the fulfillment of those needs, the relationship can be done away with. After all, relationships have gone wild these days and everybody seems to be okay with it because everybody complains but nobody does anything to put things right. Perhaps these are better times than that of the long lost past because today everyone is self centered and aims at fulfilling his own needs and desires only. So, the scope of one’s own improvement and development is more today than it was earlier in the times when people lost their own dreams and desires under the suppression and pressure of overall family needs and desires.

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