Why Teenagers Should Say No to Online Dating

Why online dating is bad for teenagersTechnology comes with a lot of advantages. It comes with an in built dis advantages too. There are lots of people who do online dating. There are websites meant for this. It is open for anyone respective of your age, gender and everything. This is even a threat to most of the parentshaving teenagers at home. Teens at this age needs to be taught of why online dating is dangerous? There are a few reasons which are very appropriate to know why online dating is not safe?

Why dating online is not safe?

Why online dating is bad for teenagers? This is a question of most of the teens to their parents. It even not only teens but some people who have done their graduations and on to work. It becomes very important to be aware of thereasons dating online is not safe.It is summarized below:

Chances to lie

There is nothing to wonder why online dating is risky,because you will really not know who is on the other side of your window. There are so many chances that may lie of their age, gender, marital status, economic status, and such things.

Easy to create a new identity

The second reason of why online dating is bad for teens is It will be really easy to create an identity with various facts. So, the teens are very much confused about whether online dating is good or bad.

Easy to get fooled

Sharing fake information and images are very easy when you don’t get a chance to meet the person. When we don’t apply our mind and take things just like that, it is very easyto believe the facts and figures that a fake user might provide. This paves the way as reasons online dating is bad.We won’t be able to make anything out of the data provided to us, unless we meet the person’s eyes straight.

Free services give fake users an entry

It needs to be also given a thought of why teenagers should not date online? Because of little piracies, the total culture that a teenager deserves at that age should not be taken. But, the increasing number of websites offering free account for dating services actually eases the fake users. It is because, if the purpose is genuine, the user will be able to pay whatever the amount that is nominally charged by the website. When a fake user stars using number of accounts, practically pay will become an issue. Hence, free services become a major criterion here.

Personal information is exposed

Most of the dating websites demand your personal information in a very detailed manner. So, when yourtotal personal information is shared online, it becomes a threat and creates a way for fake users. This becomes the major reasons online dating is not safe.

Though there are many risks like this, if the concerned person can use their common sense and do not get away with the emotional dramas, these types of online crime are much avoided.