Why Rapes are increasing in India: Are the Indian Rape Laws Really Weak

Why rapes are rising in IndiaRapes are the most heinous crime in our society and must be death with severe punishment. Any form of abuse which violates the integrity of woman’s body must be considered as a rape, although in present law Rape is considered to be a form of sexual assault by force.  It is becoming a social evil and reached explosive proportions in various countries. It has literally ruined lives of many girls, women and children. The fact about rape is that no one is immune from it and age is not a bar in such, increasing rapes of women. From infants to senior citizens, rape has become a diabolic symbol of male domination power in this world. Some of the surveys have confirmed that  a rape in India happens in every 2 minutes.

But it is an obvious question to ask that who is responsible for increasing rapes in India. The most tragic thing about the cases is that in around 80% cases, the culprits have been relatives or fathers, brothers or friends. This means that many incidences have started happening from home only. Though rapes are occurring in all social groups these days, it is more prominent in minority groups due to lower social status. A molester need not be a sleazy person and could be well educated and high society person like a judge, government official, policemen or a priest. The rapist can be of any age, be it an old man or a young teenager.

What are the reasons for under reporting or rape cases?

  1. Some of the surveys have found that many of the rape cases go unreported. Most women still fear from social stigma of rape due to weak rape laws of India, especially when the law person does not get convicted. This really poses a strong question to our judicial system that Are the Rape laws of India really weak?
  2. People have lost faith in current judicial system. Many times the court puts the victim on trial, questions her about morality and probing her sexual history. There are various instances where a judge makes a ruthless remark while questioning dignity of a woman. This is another source of depressant among woman and due to this they hesitate to file a complaint as she fears the embarrassment and humiliation in court. Many judges pass this as an act of passion and award minimum sentence. In some cases, the rapists are allowed to be free on bail which even degrades puts doubt on Woman safety in India.
  3. Legal System is weak and it takes long time for courts to declare a decision on long pending cases. Moreover such legal battles are long and tiring for a victim as she lives in continuous fear of retaliation from rapist and his goons.
  4. There is significant fear from adverse reactions from society and peers as they fear that reporting a rape case could result into an adverse action from other people.
  5. The men believe they have sense of power and forcing a woman physically validates their manhood and they enjoy doing it.
  6. Hormonal Imbalance is also considered to be another scientific reason of increasing rape rates in India.
  7. Economic Reasons: There are many economic reasons for rape like some of the girls which are raped are of living under low socioeconomic status and they lack good education and awareness.
  8. Lack of Education among Men: Many rape cases reported are done by juvenile, so at schools sex education is still not prominent. Even children should be made aware of these changes in their hormones.
  9. Drugs and Alcohol: Another prominent reason for rape cases is due to consumption of drugs and alcohols, rapist loses their mental balance and it arouses their fantasies.
  10. Awareness among Society: Even our society is not prepared to accept rape victims.

Reasons for increasing rapes in India

There are many cases registered under law which says that many women in India are ignorant about law and very shy to come forward and fight against this menace. The support from society and police is very limited and this needs an immediate attention. We are all living in a society and we all are part of it. So, none of us must doubt the dignity and respect of any rape victim. The present rape laws needs immediate attentions and there is requirement of change in rape laws of India by introducing fast track courts which could act and provide proactive action and quick judgment on such reported cases which could help in finding solution for rapes in India. A rapist must not be given a light sentence. If found guilty, the rapist must be given sentence for lifetime or in harsh cases must be hanged. The answer to the question who is responsible for increasing rapes lies in everyone who is part of this society, so we all need to respect women, be it your mother, sister, friend or anyone on the street. If we all change our perception and teach our sons this lesson, the whole world would be free from this heinous crime.