Why most love marriages end with divorce?

love marriages turning to divorceLove between two souls takes into a deeper bonding – marriage. Life is happier. The nuptial knot is tied to a person who is so close to your heart. But life is always not a bed of roses. It actually has very small thorns. But it seemed bigger to us as you agitate as time goes by. You can still avoid love marriages ending with divorce by really analysing the facts of reasons why love marriages end with divorce?

Reasons for love marriages ending with breakup

It is a fact that is weirder. An arranged marriage is something which is decided by parents and the bride and the groom has les control over the selection. But love marriage is not that way. You decide on a person whom you dreamed of to live with. It is a matter of fact, that he is not just a person with whom you think you can live peacefully. But a person whom you think you cannot live without. So, where things go wrong? Why love marriages end painfully?

More expectations

In contrary to an arranged marriage, a love marriage bonds two souls who are already known. Your significant other is no one but your dream. Your dream is true alive before you. But are you ready to accept them as they are? You are married to a person whom you feel so close. You expect a lot of things. But marriage is not the way you think. It is of course rosy but very different to that of pre-martial states. The heart denies accepting the fact. This ends up in trouble. When the actual happening does not meet the expectations, depression hangs over your heart and it pains. These are the reasons why love marriages end painfully.


There are so many ways to get presumed already in love marriages. Unlike in arranged marriages, which start afresh for the newly wed, you are married to a person whom you already knew. You knew their strengths and weaknesses. You have a presumption of what they are. You start living together 24 X 7. It is not just a matter of date in a coffee shop where you can hide being yourself. It’s a bond. You share almost everything in your life.

Type of people involved in love marriages

When analyzing the psychology of different people, settling down in their marriage reports an acute truth. People who get settled in arranged marriages are a type wherein they accept things as it is. There is at least a small amount of compromise exhibited by them. So, they could get along with their lives well. But to give a thought about girls and boys who tend to make their love happen in their marriage are strong enough. They have the real guts to execute their wishes. They are not at all compromising. So, when things go a bit deviated from their wishes, they tend to depress and fail in their marriage.

There are a number of divorce cases reported in recent times. This answers the question itself why to avoid love marriages?It also reflects a negative thought into the minds of the next generation. Love your partner more and more daily irrespective of whether they are your beloved or a stranger before marriage. Love your loved one and start living!

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