Why love turns to lust sometimes?

love turning to lustLove is a feeling of affection and attraction. It is a feeling which cannot be exactly described in words as it differs from one person to person. It is an everlasting feels that exists till the end even if it dies for few days it relishes again with time. The scenario of the ever green love is gone now. There were days when people used to sacrifice so much for their lovers and they would be ready to do anything. They would go against their own will and wish just to see a smile on their lovers face. The happiness of their lover matters the most for them. But now the true love is very rare and has decreased by ages and days.

Why love turns to lust?

There have been various reasons for love turning into lust. It could probably be because of the lover being very expressive answer attractive where the love dies and changes the feelings. It could also be because of no true feelings of love in the relationship. Now the question is that is love turning lust harmful? The answer is yes, because the feelings of the true love and the care die in the lust. And there will be an increase in the feeling to possess the body and therefore it becomes lust. There are various ways to control love turning into lust. One can easily control by the truest of the feels. One should express the feelings of love and make sure that the partner understands the meaning of love in the relationship. When you start expressing the feelings of love and tell your partner that it is the feeling of love that you possess for him, then there can be a control of the feelings changing into lust.

Tips to control love turning to lust

There are various tips to control love turning into lust. One can always make sure that the partners know and understand the feelings of each other and try not to cross the limits. They should always be in their limits. Expressing the feelings rightly and clearly will also ensure that you are not into any misunderstanding in the relationship. Clearly telling your partner about the feeling you have for him/ her is also another way. Do not let any confusion or misunderstanding grow in your relationship. This will only worsen up the situation. The feeling of love turning into lust isbad. Therefore you need to be cautious and keep checking in with your relationship and your partner.

The best way to stop love turning into lust is that, when there is no room for misunderstanding, and confusions, and when there is true feeling that exists with due respect then one can easily avoid the change of feelings. By following them one can easily know how to stop love turning into lust. Relationships are very sacred and are very sensitive. There need not be any proper reason for the break up and it would become weak with no reason. Take care and enjoy the love.

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