Why January 1 is celebrated as the New Year day?

Julius Ceaser in his senate around 153 B.C. introduced this date for celebrating the New Year. From that period till now we are celebrating New Year on January 1.

Julian calendar initially had 445 days, in order to synchronize it with the sun! He himself initiated to use January 1 as the New Year.

There was a mythical battle fought between the old Goddess Tiamet and the new God Mardukthis was en enactment form named as Akitu .in order to bring the heaven and earth in orderly synch, this battle had to take place. They wanted all New Year. So they had festive oracles to determine the destiny of these 12 months. Borrowed farm equipment Wastoo returned at their first priority!

This seems to be a war between the new baby of New Year and the old man of old year .some resolutions were taken to make the lives better by their observation and experiments. In 600 B.C. the image of the baby was introduced by the Greeks. It was considered as the spirit of rebirth and fertility of Dionysus.

New Year 2014

Many churches today enjoy New Year’s Day with a “Watch Night”. They commence before midnight and continue it till early morning. It’s a time conveying the gratitude for all the wishes received in the previous year and praying for blessings in the New Year.  The Chinese introduced fireworks and used them especially on New Year’s Eve to destroy evil spirits. They didn’t want those bad spirits following them into the New Year!

Traditions and customs we often try to follow on New Year ’s Eve!! There are many! Just a small list given below.

  • Kissing the forehead of your beloved at the peak of midnight: If your new year is starting with expression of love and care nothing stands to be more beautiful than this. Kiss your beloved and see the love you get the entire year.
  • First entry: A first entry is actually the first person who foots in your house. You actually should see that nice and wise people enter your house or money enters your house. He shall be bringing gifts that would bring prosperity and joys. He should enter from one gate and should leave from another one not the same door. Don’t let anyone bring bad luck to your house.
  • Don’t do cleaning on New Year’s Day! Cleaning of the houses may also remember decreasing the members of your family. So don’t do that.
  • Don’t pay back the debts and don’t take the loans. That means your money will go around the year and you will have to ask for the borrowed one!
  • Do something relevant to your business on New Year’s Day. And be successful in doing that! Excess of anything is dangerous so set the limits of doing that too.

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Food items to be custom followed on the New Year’s Eve strictly

  • In Japan consuming noodles at midnight is religiously customised at Buddhist temples
  • A German/Pennsylvania Dutch custom is to consume pork and sauerkraut on the day of New Year for good luck.
  • It is the custom of Bosnia & Croatia both are the formers of Yugoslaviato eat “Sarma” or beef wrapped in a tight grip of cabbage to bring good luck in health and wealth for the forthcoming year.
  • It is a Cuban custom to have 12 grapes at the peak of midnight. The 12 months significant to the 12 grapes.
  • German folklore also says that eating herring at the peak of midnight will bring luck for the coming year.
  • People of polish decent consider the custom of eating pickled herring as the first intake on New Year. In order to bring luck, people in southern United States think that eating black eyed peas would be helpful.
  • In order to fetch money the southern people eat cabbage, mustard greens, kale, spinach, collard greens etc.
  • Some southerners think that eating cornbread wills wealth.
  • Eating the green vegetables is a southern culture which is seen in almost many forms like eating of cabbage, such as sauerkraut or even kimchee.
  • In order to have abundance of food in the forthcoming year, Philippines had made it a custom to have dinner together at midnight.

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Chinese New Year

There are a very small number of people who can exactly keep a record of happening of a Chinese new year and when it should be. Many off the Chinese people have to entrust over a symbolical chinese calendar to inform about the days.  Therefore, to talk about a Chinese new year you have to essentially mention about the Chinese calendar at the first priority.

Gregorian and lunar solar system both forms the parts of a Chinese calendar. The lunar solar system is divided into 12 months; each of the 12 months is further divided into 39.5 days. This well established two-tier system of the calendar reflects the Chinese brilliance.

Birthdays Falling on January 1

A system is established that points the years in a 12 yr. cycle , all these cycles are named after an animal such as hare , dragon , tiger , rooster , dog , boar , ox , snake , horse . Category of animal symbolises the traits with the person born in that cycle.

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