Why it is better to break up when things get worst?

Break up best tipsEvery love relationship goes through certain ups and downs. Some relationships survive some may not, but every relationship leaves a certain impact on person’s life. That impact could be positive or negative depending upon how your experience was. No one goes in a relationship with any plans of separation in future. Everybody hopes that the relationship must last till the end. Then why should we break up with our loving partner, when we had no such plans before going into that relationship?

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However, there could be many causes of break up in a relationship like distrust, misunderstandings, lack of interest, shortage of time, lack of physical compatibility etc. Issues may arise with time in every relationship, but it’s important to clear them out. If there exist a certain discomfort, you will not be able to clear out all the issues that you have with your partner. In such a scenario where there is lack of communication, misunderstandings arise, at times you might lose trust in your partner. This leads to frustration and sometimes hatred as well, which in turn becomes the main reason for a break up. Presence of such issues in any relationship gives straightforward answer that why to break up when things go worst?

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Ditching on the other is a very extreme case when you don’t even need to convince yourself that why should we break up? It’s very difficult to hold on after getting ditched. You can never trust your partner again. Even if some people decide to be with their partner after getting ditched, that is just because they were too much into them and it becomes difficult to let go off that one special someone. But there is no use of such a meaningless, forceful, and hollow relationship. Why to break up when ditched? There are many valid answers to this question but it could be understood with a single statement, ‘’the person who can ditch you once, is never worth holding on again’’.

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However break up could be a very difficult thing to do when you are in a long-term relationship with your partner. With time you become very fond of your partner, both physically and emotionally. You share a part of your life story and they eventually themselves become a part. What you are, what you want to be, what are your career objectives, what are your goals in life, everything is somewhere and somehow guided by that relationship. In such a case you really need to know well that how to break up from a long relationship.

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While dealing with your partner, in case of a long term relationship, you really need to be patient and polite. Stretching it too much could make the situation even worst.

There would surely arise many harmful effects of break up like depression, throughout sadness, rebound, loneliness etc.  But you will surely move on with time if you love yourself. All you need is to convince yourself that why break up is a better option?

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