Virginity of Woman Decides Her Marriage in India: Indian Men Want Virgin Wife

The men’s notion to have a virgin wife has been in picture ever since the times of Mahabharata. Draupadi, despite being a wife of five Pandavas was considered to be the purest women on planet. This was because Lord Shiva had granted a special boon to her. The boon said that every time she takes a bath she’ll be virgin again. This is an enough proof to portray men’s obsession with a virgin girl. Below, we have listed down the exact facts explaining the reason behind this hypocrisy.

Top 5 Reasons Indian Men Want To Marry Virgin Woman

A good list of reasons why Indian men prefer to marry virgin girls is given below. You can explore the hypocrisy of Indian men from the reasons given below.


Indian men have created huge walls of ego around them. They have no issues bedding their girlfriends any number of times, but when it comes to marriage they want a fresh sealed wife. A virgin wife massages their male ego and they take it as a victory count. Many a times, men even ditch their present girl friends (even when they themselves took away her virginity) and go for arranged marriages against love marriage. No wonder, men still attach purity of a woman with virginity.


Men never like to be compared to another man. The insecurity that a girl who has had sexual encounters in the past might compare them with their exes is something that pricks them like a dagger. Words like, ‘You are not as good as him’, ‘I liked it more when he did it this way’ are something men strongly despise. Women today have accepted sexuality, but men are lagging in that platform.

Values and Traditions

We live in a patriarchal society, where if a girl is not virgin before marriage her values and morals are shaken. Doesn’t that apply equally to the boys? Why is it that a guy who sleeps with multiple girls is proudly labeled as a stud and a girl who has coitus with a guy she loved is simply labeled a slut? And moreover, what has morals and values got to do with her being a virgin or not? Anybody who still comes up with this hypocrisy must be slanged to death.

Emotional Attachment

When a woman surrenders her body and heart to a man, she is bound to feel an emotional attachment with him that stays with her. Here hops in the insecurity of a man. A man tends to put her on questionable grounds that what if she never gets emotionally attached to me? This reason I believe, is pretty justified. When a woman gets emotionally attached to someone it gets harder for her to give that place to another man. However, same is not the case with men. Men tend to overcome this emotional attachment soon. This is also the reason why it is said that a woman can never forgive a man who emotionally cheats on them. For women in general, gives more importance to emotional fidelity vs physical fidelity. Indian Men marry Virgin girl- Top reasons

Infidelity after marriage

A man often fears that a woman who has had sex before marriage is modern in her thoughts and approach. Thus, in case she’s not satisfied with her husband she might look for love outside or go back to her exes. This insecurity of polygamy in a relationship is often linked to the social stigma of having a virgin wife. A virgin wife will not have enough knowledge about sex and the outside world thus she’ll be easy to satisfy. Wrong! Outright Hypocrite and Shameful! Never, link somebody’s character with their virginity.

Final words

these are few reasons why men do not want to marry a girl who is not virgin. Men, it is high time we give up our 18th century notions of virginity. Remember, a woman who decides to marry you would never question your past so why should you bother? Can the presence or absence of a minor membrane (hymen) really be enough to put her on questionable grounds? Not really! If a woman loves you truly and assures to dedicate her entire self to you after marriage why shouldn’t you not love her equally? Why is monogamy only important for women? Aren’t the men equally part of it? Think, Reflect and Understand times have changed and so should our mentality. Give up on the hypocrisy that religion or family has brought us up with. No religion teaches you to disrespect or belittle a woman either.