Why Indian Men Hesitate to Marry Girls who are not Virgin?

Virginity of a girl is the most debatable topic. There have been several instances when a guy has even gone ahead and divorced her wife if she accepted that she was not a virgin. We live in a patriarchal society where the decisions are solely taken by the men. But does that give away the authority to the men to judge purity of woman on the basis of whether she’s virgin or not? No, not at all!! We live in 21st century where everyone likes to call themselves modern and up to date. So, why is there hypocrisy in this? If women have gone ahead and accepted their sexuality then why can’t men do the same? What’s shameful is that these are the same men who are okay with sleeping with multiple girlfriends, but become mama’s boy when it comes to marriage. Hypocrisy! Outright Hypocrisy! Below, we have listed down some the reasons why Indian men hesitate to marry girls who are not virgin.


Men are insecure beings. They believe that a woman who has already slept with a guy in the past is progressive in her school of thought. So, if she’s not content in the marriage she may go ahead and do so even after marriage. This insecurity restricts them from marrying a girl who is not virgin. Men, it is important that if a girl believes you and accepts you with your past even you must accept her with her past. We live in a modern society where people do get into relationships before marriage and might even get intimate in the relationship. If it was not wrong then so it does not become wrong even now. This is why most of Indian men want Virgin Wife.

Culture/Moral Reasons/Religious reasons

Our culture, values and traditions teach us that a woman who is not a virgin is impure and not a marriage material. We have been brain washed with this thought all our lives. Coitus between a male and female is a responsibility of both the people involved. So, how does it make a woman impure and slutty and a man stud? Aren’t we taught to be hypocrite ever since our birth? One, a religion regards woman as a Goddess and will definitely not teach us to disrespect her in any which way. Two, sex is a responsibility of both the people involved. And if it doesn’t make one person (men) impure then it cannot make the other (woman) impure too. Leave such preaching behind and move ahead with time.


A man is never completely able to trust a woman with a past. These trust issues restrict him from accepting a woman who is not virgin. A man believes that if a woman was bold enough to surrender her body to a man in the past voluntarily or involuntarily is not trust worthy. She might repeat the same act again and disregard the ethics and loyalty of a marriage. Men, please take note when a woman agrees to marry you, she puts her entire faith in you and her relationship with you. You must reciprocate her with the same. No matter what/how her past was you are her present and future.Indian men hesitation to marry non virgin girl

Fear of Comparison

A man fears that a woman who has had sex in the past might compare her experience with him to her past experiences. She may or may not be vocal about this comparison but if she isn’t satisfied in her marriage with him she might end up looking for love outside marriage or might even go back to her ex flame. This fear of comparison is not acceptable to the male ego and he completely dodges the situation by completely avoiding marrying a woman who is not a virgin. What is important for men to know here is of you give her abundant love, happiness and reasons to smile she would never go out searching for love in a different man.

Final Words

No man has a right to give a character certificate to a woman based on his own level of insecurities. Behave and react like a man. If a woman was honest enough to tell you about her past then be man enough to accept her with her past. After all, you have your own. Don’t you?