Why Divorce Rate is Increasing Day by Day

Marriage is a sacred bonding that has been decided by the laws of nature. It unites two souls and entwines them in passionate love and trust. The memories and feeling thrive even after that and such is the symbolic meaning of the nuptial knot of marriage. Much to everyone’s dismay people have tarred this meaning and have demeaned this bonding. There have been many reasons for increasing divorce rate in recent times that has lynched the truth and beauty of relation. It is important to understand why have divorce rates increased over time. Marriages are believed to be set in heaven but with the fast technology and pace of life, people have found different reasons to get married which fail to support their relation in the long run and this cause major loss to kids. How common is divorce and what are the reasons. Read out the extract and get a vivid notion about divorces and the major factors behind it.

Reasons of Divorce

Emotional abuses, cultural and traditional differences, lack of education, unrealistic expectations are the reasons that fuel increasing divorces in the world. In present times where divorce rates are so high it is important to understand why is the divorce rate so high and why does divorce happen. People label different reasons and some of them have been discussed here

  • Social networking has led to development of many relations in this technological age. People exchange a few messages and have some koochi-koo time online and feel that they are deeply in love. But is online cheating grounds for divorce is a major worry as people often lie to build relations. This suffices your answer for is internet blamed for marriage break ups. People show their true colors after marriages and leads to the end of it.
  • Some get engaged and often exchange vows within a short time after some countable meets. This is a major reason why divorce rate is increasing day by day. People fail to understand the inner soul and live the relation on surface.
  • Lack of understanding and compromise is one of the main reasons of increasing divorce. But there are others factors that have contributed to increasing rates of divorce. It could possibly be abusive spouses.
  • The real truth of individuals’ nature gets revealed when they share the same living and confront relationship problems that gets introduced when bonded in marriage. Looking for new love online is a major cause of divorce and hence it is advised that if a relation takes birth in social sharing space the couple must spend adequate time to know each other’s interest and mentality that will help them live by each other until death.Reasons of Increase in divorce rates in India

Temperament of people

In both rural where people are uneducated torment their wives and often torture them to death. However it is not the case in rural areas alone. In urban areas too men abuse their wives which eventually dooms their relation. This is one of the major causes of increasing rate of divorce. It is not the case with abusive men alone. Abusive and ill-tempered women also ruin the ambience of house and end the beauty of the relation. This is major cause of rising divorce rates in India where temperament of people play a significant role in ending relations and marriages. Social integration and education can help people to realize the significance of marriage and respect their counterpart and treat them with reverence and dignity.

Additional Reasons behind Broken Marriages

Disrupted family members and adolescent marriages are likely to head for divorces more easily. If the person fails to be given a cozy and contended time at home by his or her counterpart he loses interest to deal with the intricacies of marriage. The evolution of divorce rates are witnessed even due to adolescent marriages. Marriages that fall in place at a ripe old age it often ends up in divorces hence marriage in twenties or mid-thirties at maximum is advisable. This is probably why is divorce rate increasing so rapidly. Remarriages and premarital pregnancy are also responsible for broken marriages. Do not lower of self-esteem but a little compromise and lots of trust and understanding can help to diminish the occurrence of divorces.