When we Celebrate Friendship Day in India

First Friendship Day in India HD WallpapersFriendship day is celebrated mainly to suffice the motive of letting your friends know what a special place they hold in your lives. There is not an abundant literature that reflects on the roots of this day that embarked on its celebration. What is the story behind celebrating friendship day? Is a common question raised but an exact answer to it has still not been deciphered. There are some folktales that share the origin of this day but it simply means stories and myths and hardly holds any truth to it. It is the belief of an individual how he treats this day depending on the reverence and affection he wishes to pay to his close pals.

Friendship Day History

Friends define our life and embellish with bright colors of fun and happiness. They stand against all odds and even stay when the skies turn dark. The history of this day has been narrated in mythological stories and legends. According to Hindu mythology and epic ‘Mahabharata’ Lord Krishna had demonstrated numerous colors of romance, affinity, intimacy, brotherhood and even teasing which together defined friendship. What is the meaning of friendship day can be precisely answered if you understand these values that strengthen bonding. Friendship is nothing but a delicate and priceless bonding that develops in the process of civilization and socialization.

Friendship Day Wiki

Man cannot thrive in solitude and hence the need and greed of having a friend is essential. Why we celebrate friendship day wiki emphasizes the primary need of people to adorn their lives with the gracious presence of close friends. One of the main reasons of celebrating friendship day is to acknowledge the warmth and support of our friends who have helped us in all grave situations. Hence this august day is dedicated in honor of all the good friends.

The Inception of Friendship Day

The occasion of Friendship day is always recorded as a holiday that symbolizes a way of deifying the relation of friendship. When is happy friendship day celebrated? Itself makes it evident that people are given time to enjoy with their pals. The first Sunday in the month of August is declared as Friendship’s Day and was proclaimed so by US Congress in the year 1935. Why we celebrate friendship day on 1st Sunday of august and why do we need to celebrate international friendship day gets answered and it also marks the inception of this day. The celebration commenced only to honor the true friends. Thus the phenomenal notion of celebrating Friendship’s Day has evolved and taken pace over the years.

Friendship Day in India

In India people value emotions and hold a deep respect for their close friends. Friendship day celebration date in India marks grandeur and simplicity depending on how people ponder on celebrating it. If you are wondering on when we celebrate friendship day in India and when happy friendship day is celebrated, then the date lies same for all which indicates the 1st Sunday in the month of August. Friends spend time to rejuvenate the feeling and immerse in the grandeur of the occasion’s meaning and significance.

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