What Woman Want In A Relationship From Her Man

Men have always labeled women as complex creatures. Honestly speaking, it does stand true on multiple grounds. Women are insatiable beings and finding out about things woman want from man is hard. However, our team of researchers has come up with a small list of things that man can do to impress his partner.

Listen to Her

Women love talking and when they find a man who can constantly listen to their ‘blah blah’ they definitely feel the heat building. So men, you must listen to her patiently. She doesn’t need your opinions or judgments she just needs a patient ear to hear her talking.

Remember Dates

Women love men who can remember dates. The date when you first met, the date of first kiss, the date of first make out session, her birthday, anniversaries, everything. These small dates and the celebration associated with them can definitely sweep her off feet.


Women love men who are transparent and outright honest. Never lie to her. Women have that sixth sense to detect lies and when she finds out that you lied to her she definitely will be upset. Honesty will help you win over her.

Cook her Meals

Women love men who can cook. Once, in a while take charge of the kitchen and cook her, a meal or two. Maybe you are not a perfect chef, but whatever little you can cook, do it and feed her with your own hands.

Send Surprises

Women love surprises. Be it a good morning text, flowers, a bed-tea, an unplanned vacation, long drive, chocolates, gifts or anything, she’ll love it all. The quantity of what you do does not matter but the quality makes a lot of difference.

Look good

When you go out on a date with her take a good shower, use her favorite perfume and dress good. If you look and smell good, she’ll automatically feel good to be around you.

Stay Fit

Women like men who are fit and have a toned body. Watch your weight and be strong enough to carry her in your arms. Moreover, you wouldn’t want climaxing before your women. Right?

Unconditional Love

Women love getting all the love from their man. So, shower her with abundant love and affection. Send her hand written notes and long texts that describe how much you love her.

Kiss her forehead

Kiss on the forehead shows how much you care for her. So leave her lips sometimes and do drop few pecks on her forehead.


Women want people who are positive. If you are a positive person it becomes easy for you to connect with the women. After all who really likes negativity?


Never skip a chance to communicate. Communication not only gets you closer to her but also helps you know her better.Things woman want from man in a relationship

Socialize with her friends

Women love men who can easily mix up in her group of friends. But remember, do not cross the line. She would really not appreciate you flirting with any of her female friends.

Avoid swear words

Never use ‘swear words’ in front of her family. Be soft spoken and men who abuse their women are a big turn off for them.


Women are attracted towards men who are intelligent. Sapio sexual are the kind of men every woman can die for.


Every time she has an emotional breakdown, be there for her. Support her and show that you care. In case she has a fight with any of her colleagues or friends stand up for her. Doesn’t matter she’s right or wrong but if you stand up for her she’ll definitely feel protected and secured.


Women crave for sex as much as men. They might not be vocal about it, but their physical demands are same as men. Show them passion, devotion and affection when you make love to her. Kiss her passionately and make her feel longed.

Final Words

Thus, these are few of the things women expect from a man they get hooked to. Never underestimate her, shower her with abundant love and affection, make her laugh and make her feel that she’s special to you. Do Not come into the situation where you have to find out few ways of dealing with infidelity.