What Type of Rose to Give a Girl on Rose Day?

Girls love flowers and when they are roses they instantly bring a smile on every girls face. Roses come in a variety of colors and the meanings of different color roses are different. So, you need to know the meaning of every color of rose before you choose perfect rose day gifts for a girl. Below, we have provided a list of roses and the significance of each rose.

Red Rose

Red means love, passion, romance and exoticness. So, gifting a red rose to a girl means you simply love her, admire her and want to be with her. Now the question is when to gift red rose to a girl? Red rose can be given to a girl when she is already your girl friend or you want to make her your girl friend. Thus there is a great significance of red rose for two lovers who are engraved in deep love and passion. So, all you couples who are truly, madly and deeply in love can give away the red roses to your girlfriend. Don’t forget to gift a CD of her favorite romantic movie with the flowers to make it a perfect rose day gift for her.

Yellow Rose

When to gift yellow rose to a girl? The significance of yellow rose is friendship, joy and delight you express to a girl. Gifting a yellow rose to a girl means you adore her as a friend and want the friendship to strengthen up and stay with you forever. It simply shows your care and affection for a friend. Yellow roses can be used even as a perfect friendship day gift for your best friend. Since, yellow is the color of sun it means giving away all the strength of the sun to your friend. Isn’t it a great way to cheer up your friend?

Yellow Roses with a Tip of Red

Yellow roses signify friendship and red roses signify love. So when a bunch of yellow roses with a tip of red is gifted to a girl it has a very beautiful meaning attached. The significance of yellow roses with a tip of red is that you are friends with a girl and slowly falling in love with her. Isn’t it beautiful? It truly is a great way to take your friendship to an all new level. So, all those guys who are in love with their best friends now know how to tell her about your love for her.

Lavender Roses

Lavender Roses have an exotic and majesty touch to them. The Lavender roses are a significance of commitment. When you fall in love at first sight you give away lavender roses to a girl. Purple signifies loyalty and enchantment, all so powerful that you just instantly fell in love with a girl. In ancient times, lavender roses were given to impress the majesty or picky bosses. So, give away the lavender roses to your girl and make her feel like a queen. In many cases, lavender even signifies commitment towards a person. Tell her how deeply connected you are by gifting her lavender roses on this rose day.Meanings of Roses of Different colors

Pink Roses

The color pink signifies grace, elegance, appreciation, love and gratitude. The color pink has shades of both light and dark. The light pink depicts how glad you are to have her. Girls love pink hence it becomes a way of admiring her sweetness and gentleness. Pink also invokes belief so whenever you wish to strengthen her belief in you pick up a bouquet of pink roses. Dark pink rose is given when you want to thank her for her presence in your life. A girl loves being told how happy and proud you are to have her in your life. So, pink roses can be given equally to your best friend or a girl friend to affirm her belief in you.

Final Words

Above, we have given away the list of some of most popular colors of roses. Before, you choose a rose day gift for a girl remember each color has its significance. Know the significance of the color and make the right pick of rose for the girl.