What to Text a Girl You Just Met

Perhaps you have finally come across a girl who fits in with your idea of a dream date. You are at this party and cannot seem to get your eyes off her. Walk across the room and introduce yourself to her. Let her enjoy your charming company and seductive overtones.

You should be able to get her to exchange telephone numbers with you if you find that she seems to reciprocate and laugh at your jokes. This will help you to decide what to text a girl you just met at the earliest opportunity.

Salient tips on ensuring perfect timing

You should send her a text message that recalls a joke or anecdote that was stated when you two met. You may have asked her to enter your name with a “macho” or “sexy” attached to it. When she sees your name, she should remember the joke or incident and connect it with you.

After all, there may be many others trying to get her to date with them. Send the first text message within a few minutes or hours of meeting her. This is to ensure that you are also in her thoughts. Many guys make the mistake of sending too many long text messages.

This is bound to turn her off. Send her cute messages that evoke a response. Once you have a few responses from her, stop texting her for a while.

She will be intrigued and send you a few text messages to let you know that she is awaiting your answer. This is your cue to phone her and set a time and place to meet.

Spend time browsing online and you will find many cues

In order to ensure that your text messages are funny, playful and humorous, scour many websites. Download a few emoticons or create your own and send them when you are wondering what to text a girl you just met.

One of the tips to make her smile or laugh aloud is to tease her in a good-natured way. Display your confidence by making fun of her and yourself. Call her “little miss dorky” or “Bo-peep” and tell her you feel like a dork or a little lamb yourself.

Show interest in her plans for the weekend and tell you suspect she is making something special for you. It is good to be cheeky and use banter to attract women and get them to respond to your text messages.

You could tell her to stop chasing you as you feel you are a helpless victim. “You stalker – you!” Add a grin or wink using emocticons.

Try to read between the lines

When girls read text messages, they secretly look for admiration or for something that boosts their ego and make them feel on top of the world. Tell her you spotted the most beautiful flower when you were jogging in the park and it instantly reminded you of her! That is a great way to start her morning. It is wise to read the text messages that you get from her to judge her moods.What Message to Send a girl you just met

If you feel that she is feeling blue, lend her your able shoulder and send her a text message asking her if she would like to talk about it over a cup of coffee. Girls like to know that men care and she may accept your offer.

Go along with the flow! If she sounds excited and raring to go, suggest a vacation or a picnic. If you can sense her reactions and pay heed, you will find that you are making great headway with your text messages. Make that call when you know that she is ready to go out on that date with you and enjoy the evening.

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