What should be the ideal Punishment for a Rapist

Punishments for a rapistThe issue and debate on rapes and its capital punishment is a complex one. Since many years our society has witnessed crime against women and rape is considered to be the most heinous crime of them all. There has been a staggering increase in number of cases of violence against women. From a small two year old girl to a seventy year old lady, news of rape has been reported against girls of all ages. There is simply no bar against in terms of cruelty of men and even a small girl to an old lady, this sexual curse has drown away lives and souls of many women. Rape not only affects the victim physically but drains her emotionally throughout her life. Many victims either commit suicide or not able to live a normal life again whereas the rapist is able to live freely in some cases or is punished for small term imprisonment. Even the laws for juvenile rapist are also very liberal. The most rape cases are committed by juveniles below the age of 18 years and yet they are only.

The most saddening thought about our society is that the perpetrators of this heinous crime can easily get away from the hands of our law. Instead of the treating the prime accused with best punishment for rapist, we segregate the raped victim from this society. Our society and system needs a change on how to punish a rapist. The treatment given to a rapist should be severe so that it should result into ultimate punishment for rapist. This has posed serious questions like how government should treat the rapist and how rapist should be treated by society.

Need of the Hour: Change the laws

Our law making body has become crippled with the impact of political system on our judicial system while deciding for what should be the ideal punishment for the rapist. Inspite of strict reforms for the punishment for the rapist, still we don’t see slowing down of such cases.The main reason for this is that our system has become so weak that it encourages such crimes to breed. It takes long time to prove someone guilty and during this time, the victim either commits suicide or is forced to change her statement .Ultimate punishment for the rapist should be death sentence or life imprisonment. The answer to this question how rapist should be treated by society lies with us and we should segregate these perpetrators from society.

Everyone amongst us should understand how rapist should be treated by society and how government should treat the rapist. On how government should treat the rapist is by start announcing severe punishments and death sentences or life imprisonment in those cases in which accused is found guilty. There should not be any respite for such criminal offence in any country and should be treated with severe repercussions. For better future, we need our law reforms to be stricter and our society to be moving to zero tolerance. We even need fast track courts, special cell for helping the victim and providing extensive care and protection also seems a necessary move towards helping curb this disease from the society.