What Man wants in a Relationship from Woman?

Over the years, it has been said time and again that women are the complicated sex, but trying not to sound feminist let’s just get it straight that, men too are an equally complicated sex. Since, men and women are not really vocal about their wants, needs and expectations there is a stark contrast between what men want from a relationship and what women think men want from a relationship. Thus, none of them feel truly content and that is the reason majority of relationships fail.

Conclusively, it is important for both men and women to know about each other’s wants, needs and expectations. Upon massive research from psychologists all over the world we have come up with few things that men want in a relationship. These things are little bit same with what woman want from man in a relationship.

Unconditional Love

Men crave for unconditional love and emotional support from their partner. They don’t really open up about their problems and never discuss about the problems (office problems, family problems or any other problem) and shortcomings with friends and family. Love, gives them comfort to open up to their partner. Thus, it is important for women to create that platform of trust between the two. This will bridge that communication gap and once woman has created that level of emotional security with his man he can truly speak his heart out to his partner.

Be his buddy- Unquestionable Friendship

When men get into a relationship they look for a best friend too. A friend they can trust and moreover a friend who doesn’t judge them all the time. Be a friend who doesn’t restrict or dominate him. Enjoy his favorite sport or hobby and plan dates that involve his favorite things. Once in a while, be part of his group and take part like a buddy and not the significant other. Friendship naturally strengthens the bond between the two; hence the room for doubt is eliminated.


Oh now come on, even if the physiologists didn’t say it, Sex is every man’s need. Be sensuous and submissive to his erotic demands. Men love action and women who are wild and show some action are definitely a big turn on for men. Take the first move sometimes. Demand sex, but make sure you appear sexy and not outright slutty. It’s not what you say to them that will develop a connection but what and how you make him feel that makes him attracted towards you to take the relationship further. Men also love to be kissed. Woman must learn to kiss a man in different kissing styles while getting intimate with him. Woman should plan a perfect romantic kiss for her man. She must learn to avoid mistakes while kissing.

Split the expenses

Men want independent women. A woman, who can take care of her finances and not burden him further with additional expenses, is what attracts a man more. A man will definitely show chivalry and pay your bills but a woman who offers to pay immediately gains respect from the men. So, keep yourself independent and even pay for him once in a while.Needs of Man in a relationship with women

A woman with her own life

Men are not intimidated by strong women. A woman who has a life of her own, doesn’t sacrifice her interests for being in a relationship, goes out with her friends and in turn gives space to him is definitely a perfect woman for a man. Giving space is okay, but don’t forget to keep your man in the list of your top priorities. If he really needs you to be there for him, cancelling few plans with friends won’t be a bad idea.


Maintain loyalty and never cheat in a relationship. A man can never forgive a woman who physically or emotionally cheats on him. Commit yourself truly to your partner and in return you will be showered with abundant love, affection and care from him.

Final Words

These are some of the most important things that men demand or expect (but never convey) from their partner. Often it is seen that a man will emotionally invest in a woman by way of his time, money and energy only if he feels emotionally, physically and intellectually compatible with the woman in question. Not everything has to be said in clear words. A man expects a woman to understand few things on her own. It is never the man’s duty to plan a date and pamper you all the time sometimes even a woman must do the same for him. Do Not come into the situation where you have to find out few ways of dealing with infidelity.