What is the Difference between True Love and Infatuation

True Love and Infatuation DifferenceDo you know “What is love” is most searched phrase on Google in 2012? Are you in love or it is just an infatuation? Sorting out our feeling is a real challenge. Many people take infatuation as another name for love. But no, that is not true. These feelings are often confused for each other. Love is long lasting emotion, while infatuation is a short term passion. Being in love is the happiest emotion in the world. How to know what is difference between true love and infatuation? In this article you will read infatuation vs love comparison. The love is incomplete without understanding true love and understanding infatuation. Understanding love and infatuation is not a single day task. It comes with own experience and realization.

What is Love?

Love is an intense feeling of selflessness and affection towards your partner. The definition of love may differ from that of teenager to senior citizen. But their answers will reflect a similar influence. Love involves extreme feelings – romanticized. Therefore understanding true love is very crucial. Love has a power that can transform a person overnight. It brings a lot of hormonal changes which influence the way a person feels. But true love is not easy. It is even more difficult than it sounds. Love is full of absurdities and complexities. It is very precious and abstract. It can’t he measure or weight, it can feel. If you feel a sense of completion with your partner, then congrats! You are in true love. To know what is difference between true love and infatuation, read following and compare it with the feeling that is going inside you. Few positive changes that love brings include:-

  • Love promotes Selflessness
  • Love develops motivation and self confidence
  • Love recognizes faults and correct them
  • Love promotes security with each other
  • Love develops slowly and relies upon compatibility

What is Infatuation?

Infatuation is a short living passion. We met someone on road and fall in love with them. You simply get carried away by her beauty at the first sight, and you started calling it love. But no that’s not love rather Infatuation. Infatuation can be called as foolish kind of love. Hence understanding infatuation is equally important as true love. Infatuation is generally similar to Narcotic addiction or being cocaine addict. Similar hormones are released in both cases: Dopamine. Some signs of infatuation in a relationship include following:

  • Suspicion
  • Selfishness
  • Impatience
  • Abnormal Jealousy
  • Sudden Withdrawal or frequent fights

5 Signs that will help You know if it is Infatuation or Love

You must be thinking true love and infatuation sounds similar then how to know the difference between love and infatuation. Follow these simple 5 signs that will help you know if it is infatuation or love.

  1. You will start feeling insecure with your partner with time
  2. You will get aggressive and take long to resolve your mutual conflict
  3. Your trust on your partner will gradually become weak
  4. You will not want to marry that person.
  5. You will not feel compatible with your partner anymore.

If you are the one who is also facing these signs of in your relationship then my friend you are not in true love. The difference true love and infatuation is very thin, but very crucial. The significance of true love is completely neglected in today’s scenario. People believe being infatuated is being in true love. Thus understanding true love and understanding infatuation is very important to avoid confusion.