Unconditional love: The Love without Expectations

Why to love unconditionallyLove is the basic and vital thing on which the Earth survives. You cannot think of surviving just one day without even being kind to at least one person. So, what is unconditional love? Unconditional love is about loving someone without any boundaries or expectations. The basic principle of love revolves around giving and not getting. “Love begets love”. Once, we start giving so much love to everyone, life itself will be a beautiful thing to cherish. Anything in this world, lessen when given, but love is a miracle that adds on when given.

Ways to practice unconditional love

There are so many ways of giving unconditional love. The best way to practice unconditional love is to start loving the world. Though it is difficult to love without any expectations, the process is enjoyable when practiced. And, when it comes to close relationship too, it is a lovely phase.

Tips for a Long Lasting Relation 

Practice forgiveness

“Forgive and forget” is a famous saying. The main step that needs to be taken is practicing forgiveness. That is the best punishment that can be given on Earth to realize their faults.

Love the person invariable of the situation

Whatever be the situation, don’t show up your hatred towards anyone. Even if you are put in a test, practice to love. It is not enough only when a person can shower in love at normal circumstances. But, you need to love more when you are put in a challenging situation.

How to know that love is unconditional?

Unconditional can only be felt. The heart can only know the people who shower unconditional love on you. Any love that does not expect anything in return is unconditional. It is not bound to any conditions or any state.

Why parents love their child unconditionally?

Children are part of their own parents. It is a very natural thing to love our own children. They reflect a part of us. So naturally any parent will never want their child to suffer. Every parent lives for their child. They sacrifice their own life for their child.

How to Strengthen up relationship

Unconditional Love in married relationships

Married relationships are the most magical relationship which establishes unconditional love. Though, you don’t hold any blood relationship with them, they are the ones who lieand unite with your mind, body and soul. Do give in unconditional love.

Why should we love unconditionally?

We need to love unconditionally for our own satisfaction. As the name describes it is not in expecting something in return from anyone. But, to give a lot of love in return for nothing to everyone.

Tips for long Lasting Relationship

Everyone on Earth has the responsibility of giving unconditional love to everyone. Do practice following simple habits daily to spread love. Do smile at strangers! It costs you nothing, but brightens someone’s day a lot! Smile back at babies and kids who do it for you. Only then, they develop an outward attitude towards the world and they believe that love exists. That creates a better society of tomorrow. Spread love and make the Earth a better place to live in!


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