Top 5 Useful Tips to Wear Saree for Short Height Girls, Drape Saree Perfectly

Perfect feminine attire that completely accentuates the whole looks of a woman is nothing else other than a saree. It always brings sensuality, elegance and gorgeousness in a woman’s personality. But many don’t know feel that if the saree is tucked up untidily then a saree can ruin your looks completely specially if you are short heighted. So you need to be careful to how to drape a saree to look slim and how to choose a perfect saree for your body type. These are the best tips to wear a saree perfectly and these tips on how to wear a saree easily will surely help you in enhancing your personality in saree and not otherwise. So read on to know the top 5 useful tips to wear saree for short height girls.

Easy Tips for Short Girls to Wear a Saree

Avoid Big Prints & Heavy Borders

When you are short in height, the first dressing tips for short height girls is to avoid big prints and heavy borders. The thin and short women should opt for sarees with a thin border as it will make you look tall. Small to medium-sized prints will look great on you as well. You should always pay close attention to your pleating as if it is not done properly, you will end up looking shabby. Try to wear something in black; it will make you look sensuous.

Choose Accessories Intelligently

The accessories that you use in your saree should be chosen intelligently. The shoes, clutches, and statement necklaces can either make you or break your look. Moreover, if your saree is too heavy, then opt for pretty danglers and the best way to drape a cotton saree is to first iron it nicely and the pleating should be done carefully. The top 5 blouse designs for short height girls can be found in Google and you should consider reading that.

Choose Perfect Blouse

Along with knowing how to drape saree for short height women, you should also choose your blouses and for this, the tips to choose the right blouse for your body type would be heavy blouses accompanied with lighter sarees and vice versa, so do that. You should avoid using anything in horizontal stripes or anything that divides your body into half. Moreover, avoid large, wide and bright belts.

How to Drape Saree for Short Height Girls, Women, Wearing Saree Tips

Wear Vertical Stripes Sarees to look Slim

If you wear anything in the vertical stripes on the top or on the dress, then it adds an illusion of vertical height thus giving you a taller look. Moreover, you should try using V-neck as it will show your neck and will make you look having more height. If you are comfortable in short length dresses, then you can also try wearing short skirts as this will make your legs look longer. If you remember people, then there are many who looks taller and better in short skirts? Wearing shirt and trousers and tucking in the shirt always looks awesome on short height girls.

Wear High Heels with Saree

You should try to wear dresses with heels, but please avoid wearing sky high heels as it will bring attention to your heels and thus to your short frame. But, you can try wearing high heel shoes over a trouser though you need to make sure the trouser covers up the shoes. Another way that you can try is tying up your hair or adding the height onto the head by using a head band. But draping a well-chosen saree can be a savior.

Leave Your Saree Pallu a bit Loose

Some easy tips for short girls to wear a saree are to pinup your saree well if you are wearing it for office as it’s comfortable and easily manageable. Also it will give you a smart and clean look. But for an attractive look, you can just leave your Pallu a bit loose. It will be apt for any occasional gathering and parties. Let me remind you that the cotton, Tussar, tissue, Silk and Organza sarees need to be ironed and starched properly otherwise it will look untidy. Also try to be careful while pinning your saree as sometimes the bigger pins on the shoulder gives a very clumsy look. The last tip would be for petticoat and it should be till your ankles and make sure your legs aren’t visible at all. Your petticoat should not be too flared.