Top 5 Fashion Tips, Tricks to look Slim, Gorgeous in Indian Wear

Every woman wants to have a slimmer body and it’s a known fact. But not all are blessed with naturally slim figure and so for them, many take extra effort on tips to look slimmer in Indian clothes. Many girls always eat right and also hit the gym and dress to look slimmer without dieting but this thing might not be in your favor always. Your fitness regime will take time to show you the results but till you can use some fashion tricks to know how to look slim in Indian outfits or how to look slim in Indian dresses. Dressing rightly in Indian outfits can make you look absolutely fantabulous. So try the Indian dressing styles to look slimmer by using these top 5 fashion tricks to look slim and gorgeous in Indian wear. Also these are the best fashion tricks to make you look thinner and dressing tips to look slim and tall.

Indian Dressing Styles & Tips to Look Slim

Flaunt with the Sarees

Sarees have always been one of the best ways to look slim in Indian dresses. So try to add glamour to it. The two things that actually will make you look slimmer in a saree are probably fabric and drape. Sarees like stiff fabric, silk, cotton add more volume to your body, so try to avoid those. Rather go for chiffon, crepe, georgette as they create n illusion of a slimmer body.

Do Fun with the Salwars

Using salwars creatively is one of the best Indian fashion tips to make you look slimmer. Also, if it comes to the bottom-wear, the logic of fitting goes reverse as you should opt for the slim-fit salwars instead of the loose ones. The narrow salwars have the magical power of making your waist look one size smaller than your actual one. Some narrow salwars give the effect of a stylish trouser, which you can even wear with a shirt instead of kurta, just like some celebrity.

How to Look Slim in Indian Outfits, Look Thinner in Indian Wear, Indian Dresses

Use smart Kurtas

When you use kurtas, it’s better to avoid body-hugging kurtas as they lay more emphasis on your voluptuous body. It’s better if you opt for loose ones. But make sure that the material is not too clingy. The best to know how to look slim in Indian dresses is to go for cotton ones. It’s one of the safest fabrics. If your hips and thighs are heavy, then make sure that your kurta is long enough to hide that area of your body.

Be careful with the Blouses

Wearing nice sarees are always fashion but once you chose that, the next thing that should be taken care of is your blouse. You have to choose the perfect blouse for your body type to look slim. If you want to cover your heavier bust area, then you should opt for the printed blouses over the embroidered or embellished ones. The lightweight fabric logic applies here as well.

Accessory Tricks

Some additional tricks that work awesome on different Indian attires is using dark colors as it create an illusion of being slim. Don’t forget to wear the correct accessories as they add beauty to your face and body. Moreover, you need to style your hair right. Right hair styling is also very important. And last but not the least, the footwear. Wear something that matches with your dress. So these are some simple tricks that can definitely help you to groom yourself and make yourself look astonishing. These tips are not that tough. So you can easily acquire those and start making people fall for you. So what are you waiting for, just go on and have fun with the Indian attires and see yourself changed.