Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Your First Valentine Day

Valentine Day is a special occasion for the lovers. Whether you’re single or coupled up come February 14th, obviously there are certain things which you should bear in mind to help the day go more smoothly. So check out the top 5 do’s and don’ts for your first Valentine Day. The below are top 5 do’s and don’ts for men on Valentine’s Day. Do read on to know those.

The Valentine’s Day Don’ts for the Savvy Single

First of all Don’t Forget

Among the do’s and don’ts of Valentine Day gifts, the worst thing would be forgetting all about it. So for that, put it on your calendar in big red letters and few days before of it, but make sure you put a reminder in your day planner or your smart phone.

Don’t buy Kitchen Appliances or anything else Practical

This occasion is supposed to be a little extravagant and in order to know how to celebrate Valentine Day in a new relationship; you should choose a nice gift which is out of the ordinary. Buying kitchen appliances or something like that is not romantic.

Don’t try to do the same thing which you did last year

Even though your last idea worked well, but your partner will appreciate something new and different. She will want to know that you thought about her as you planned your Valentine’s Day gift or event.

Don’t try to Overspend

This might sound as funny Valentine’s Day do’s and don’ts but if you share a bank account and a credit card with your sweetheart, then breaking the bank will be a bad idea. Try to remain within your budget and have the nicest evening you can afford.

Don’t do the Typical Guy Stuff

Your favorite sports team might be in town or you might be interested to take her to a sports bar for the dinner but just don’t do it. Try to take time for her on this day and so stay away from the guy stuff.

Do's and Don'ts on Valentine Day, Valentine Day Tips

The Valentine’s Day Do

Send her a Beautiful Gift to Work

Like the don’ts, there are 5 creative things to do on this Valentine Day and one of them is to send her something on Valentine’s Day. She will be happy and will definitely show that in front of her peers that she is loved and remembered on Valentine’s Day.

Try to make a Homemade Valentine

The cards from the store are nice but your partner will really appreciate to know you love her if you take the time to make your own Valentine card. Taking time to do something out of the ordinary is romantic.

Try to Cook for her

Again doing something out of the routine is very important to show you care. If you can, then make her do the breakfast in bed, or try cooking a romantic dinner for two can be fun for you and let her know you were willing to go the extra mile.

Don’t forget the Romance

This occasion is all about romance. This means taking the time to do like dressing up for your dinner out, leaving little love notes around, or being on time for your commitments. Though guys aren’t often good at romance, but you should note that it is important to her.

Write her a Love Letter

In your own handwriting, try to tell her what she really means to you. Most importantly, make her believe why you would choose her all over again if you had to. She’ll keep that letter as a cherished part of her life. Lastly, there is no need for the surviving Valentine’s Day – do’s & don’ts for the savvy single as they are no strings attached.