Top 5 Diwali Gift Ideas for Kids: Happy Diwali Gifts

Top 5 Diwali gifts for ChildrenDiwali is one of the most celebrated and biggest festivals in India. Everyone tends to enjoy a lot during this festive season and people exchange gifts to convey their love for each other. This festival brings in a different level of excitement to kids, who eagerly wait for gifts from family and relatives. Kids love to have different set of gifts from each of their family members and it makes them quite disappointed if they receive same or repetitive gifts. So it becomes quite important to choose the right kind of gift to keep their spirits high and also get a right idea as to how to celebrate Diwali with kids. It is even a lot confusing when it comes to buying best Diwali gifts for kids. We have come here with some handful tips which shall help you choose some of the perfect Diwali gift for kids and you can choose what to gift this Diwali to kids from the below mentioned ideas.

Tips to buy gifts for kids

These tips shall be quite helpful and will help you decide some of the perfect gift for kids on Diwali. It is important for you to consider the age and sex of the child whom you want to gift as this will help decide as to what to gift kids this Diwali. Also the nature and interest of the child shall also give you Diwali gift ideas for kids. Like, dolls can be chosen for young aged girls and toy cars are a good option for the boys. It is also important to buy a gift which can be used instantly by him and he need not have to wait long before using it. The waiting time may kill his excitement and he may feel disappointed. Gifting them with something exclusive and special is another good idea to pamper him and make him feel completely out of this world. The gifts can be combined with some small goodies like chocolates or toys as every child love to have more and more of them and all of this may form some of the most perfect Diwali gift for kids.

Best Diwali gift ideas for kids

Scrolling up your mind through different items may confuse you and may make it difficult for you to choose the right gift for them. Thus we have come up with Happy Diwali gift ideas for kids and have sorted the5 best Diwali gifts for kids from which you can choose the best one for your kid.


Amongst the best Diwali gift ideas, the first and the most important one is crackers. Every kid loves to burst crackers especially little boys. But make sure that crackers are chosen according to the age of a kidsuch that they do not harm themselves. It is better to join kids while they are bursting crackers just to supervise them and have a look if things are going fine.

Game DVDs

Needless to say, that every kid is crazy for games so this Diwali you can gift them with some of the latest DVDs/CDs of games which are educational and interesting too. The choice of games is important to be sure that they learn something out of it.


Chocolates with some goodies and small stuff are another great idea. Every kid is in deep love with chocolates, so you can get a hamper for them which contain chocolate of different brands. This gifts suits for every age kid and they would love having them this Diwali.


It is always a good idea to present children with books. These books can be a dictionary, atlas or any other magazine which shall help the kid grow in a much better way. With these books they will develop a different sense of knowledge. So if you are gifting them with books this means you are gifting them with knowledge and their bright future.


According to Indian tradition, people in India put on their new dresses on Diwali. So gifting kids with set of some new dresses can be a good idea. But it is important to choose colours according to the choice of the kid, so that they are happy to wear them on festivals and some of their other favourite occasions.

Final Say

These were some of the basic Diwali gift ideas for kidswhich shall help you get an answer as to what to gift this Diwali to kids. It is even better to customise gifts such that it conveys your emotions and feelings towards the kids. And believe me when this is done it would be the best gift for your kid and also close to his heart because the gift has a piece of you attached to it.