Top 5 Best Ways to Wear a Ladies Scarf

While the winter is going on, scarves are bound to taken from your dusty wardrobe corners and moreover, along with the functional necessity, scarves have become a fashion accessory over the years which are capable of transforming an outfit. Here are top 5 best ways to wear a ladies scarf. Try these 5 stylish ways to tie a scarf and see how it changes your look.

5 Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf

The Modern One-loop Style

One stylish look of how to tie a square silk scarf around your neck is the one-loop style. It’s easy to pull off and this look is casual all the way. In order to wear it in this style, you can start off by draping it around your neck by one end hanging approximately at waist level and the other end much lower. And then you need wrap the longer end around your neck once. Lastly, you need to adjust the stole so that the two ends are at the same height. With this, you get to know how to wear a women’s silk scarf and also the modern one-loop is casual and stylish and it will work best with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

The European Loop Style

One of the best tips on how to wear and tie a scarf is the classic, European style as this style is very easy to achieve, and it works well with a variety of casual outfits. You can have this look by folding the scarf in half so that you have two loose ends in one hand and a loop in the other. Then, just wrap the scarf around your neck and put the loose ends through the loop to form a knot. After that, adjust it so that it sits comfortably around your neck. This one works well with layers and works as one of the different ways to tie a silk scarf around your neck, so try throwing on a jacket to make your look interesting.

Ways to Tie a Scarf step by step around Your Neck, Best Tips to Wear

The Classic Drape Style

The simplest way to drape a scarf is the classic drape. Moreover, this look exudes femininity and can be used by women of all ages. To get this look, you need to wrap the scarf around your shoulders in one complete loop and tuck the loose end back into the loop at the nape of your neck. Sometimes, using it with little bit variation can be used by people to know how to wear Arabic scarf female. Moreover, this style can be sometimes sleek or bohemian who will depend on what the rest of your outfit looks like. You can wear it with jeans or a tailored pencil skirt and top for a modern look. If you’re in the mood to go bohemian, wear it with a maxi dress and a chunky bracelet.

The Infinity Drapes Style

One of the 5 unique ways to wear scarf professionally is the more finished version of the modern one-loop which is the infinity drape. For that look, place the stole around your neck and knot the loose ends together. You will now have a large loop around your neck. So twist this to form a figure 8 with one loop around your neck. Toss the second loop in the 8 around your neck to finish. This style is a lot like the classic drape in terms of what outfits it can be worn with.

The Popular Waterfall Style

This style is very popular as the scarf can be draped in this way to add some personality to a casual look. You can start off this by looping a long scarf twice around your neck. But do remember to keep the loops small, unlike the drape. Then, take one of the loose ends and tuck it into the loop at the nape of your neck and adjust the fabric of this end of the scarf to look like a waterfall. You should also ensure that the other end of the scarf is short enough to stay hidden behind the waterfall. There are other ways of using a scarf such as how to wear circle scarf as skirt. You can use this style too.