Top 5 Best Tips to Impress a Girl at Wedding, First Sight Attraction

Wedding brings occasion for guys to find the girl of their dreams but questions like how to impress an unknown girl at wedding or how to start conversation with girl at wedding keeps circling the mind. Some guys even feel love at first sight attraction but go blank on how to deal with love at first sight at wedding or how to say I love you to a girl at first sight. Well, the secret behind knowing how to approach a girl at a wedding is pretty simple, and definitely achievable.

How to Impress a Girl at Wedding

Though you won’t become a better man by tomorrow, but with these top 5 best tips to impress a girl at wedding, you will be able to know the best ways to impress an Indian girl in first meeting and also tips on how to approach a girl at first sight. So read on to know how to date a girl at wedding.

Start taking Care of Yourself

Most guys feel shy to use the grooming products but if you use those ones, you will slowly get to know how much it changes your appearance. Nowadays, cosmetics for men are found in huge numbers, so make use of it. It’s truly said, “First learn o love yourself than love others”.

Wedding Dating Tips, Impress a Girl at Wedding, First Sight Attraction

Smart Dressing

Smart dressing at wedding or dressing like a million bucks doesn’t really take a million bucks rather it takes a bit of fashion sense and common sense. If you’re not too sure of your own dress up skills, then its better that you ask any friend of yours with good taste in clothes to help you with your shopping. But be aware that what’s in the fashion for today and don’t just stop with shirt and pants, learn to buy accessories.

Good Posture

A good posture is very important as it might all the differences between a confident guy and lonely slob. Maximum people overlook this fact but it’s really important, so learn to stand upright but obviously without making it look really weird. Stand in front of your mirror and try to develop it. It will help you to build your confidence in yourself, etc. It will make you more attractive to the person whom you are trying to impress.

Try to Work on Your Communication Skills

It’s the dream of every girl to get wooed by a charming man who can make her blush and flush with happiness. So you need to learn to speak with a woman in a manner that would make her feel special and cared for, and always remember never to put her in a spot or make her feel uncomfortable. Though, to say the right things at the right time may seem brilliant, it’s not all that matters. The way you behave and the way you talk to a girl makes more of a difference that the words you actually use.

Impress with Words

Moreover, if the words that you say flow smoothly out of your mouth, it will be much easier to charm a woman and make her want to be with you. For better communication skill, you should keep reading the newspaper out loud for twenty minutes every day and work on your intonation. A month or so, and you’ll be such a smooth talker, you’ll probably shock yourself! These are some simple tips which you need to work on. Many guys want to date a gorgeous woman with never ending legs or curves like a race track and if you among those, then you’ve got to have a good physique too. So hit the gym before it’s too late.