Top 5 Best Proposing Ideas for Your School/College Teacher on Valentine Day

To propose someone obviously needs guts and that too to a teacher is sure to make everyone shiver down the spine. Especially if you want to know how to approach your school teacher on Valentine Day, then it’s quite fearful as you don’t know how the other person would take it. Though guys remain much stronger on getting rejected, but girls do have a hard time when they propose their beloved and get rejected. Hence it is quite necessary to know the tips to impress your college teacher on Valentine Day. Moreover, there are certain rules to know how to propose your school/college teacher on Valentine Day. You need to be keep in mind that while you are proposing that man from Mars or that lovely lady from Venus.

Proposing Ideas for Your Teacher

Have you crush on your teacher and want to say I love you to your teacher but do not have enough courage. So, don’t worry about that. Here are the top 5 best proposing ideas for your teacher on Valentine Day. You can also take these 5 best ideas to attract your college teacher on Valentine Day and it would surely play an important role in making you know how the person would take it.

Always try to be Yourself and not something else

This is the first and foremost thing that you need to do before you think of proposing your teacher. Try to keep it simple yet sweet. If possible, be creative, and be yourself. It’s everyone’s dream to get a proposal for someone, so just be who you actually are and in your own way, say those golden words.

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Try the Predictable Candle Light Dinner

Though this is old school but it’s a classic one to propose your teacher. Candles have always been the quintessential element of a romantic evening and this can be taken as one of the top 5 special gifts to give your teacher on Valentine Day. The burning flame of the candles and the romantic tunes sets one of the perfect settings for a romantic proposal. A candle light dinner is a romantic way to propose to anyone and this is one of the perfect marriage proposal ideas for teacher on valentine’s day who holds a special place in your heart and the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

To Give a Surprise by Hiding in a Box

A unique valentine’s day engagement proposal ideas for teacher is surprising by hiding in a box. This one is easy, but it needs a lot of coordination to execute this proposal. Hiding yourself in a box wrapped with gift paper can be a big surprise to your teacher when you are holding something special and waiting to be unwrapped.

You can have a Picnic in any Park

This may sound ordinary but it is a very good and romantic way to propose your teacher. Try to plan a perfect schedule for a picnic. You can go to a beautiful scene place and just be with your loved one.

Celebrate Special Day with Your Teacher

What can be better than to propose to the person of your dreams on Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, Eid Day, Holi or Diwali. This sounds corny but very romantic. But if you want to make the proposal extra special, propose on a causal day but pick a day that has special meaning to you both. A marriage proposal is a commitment between two people who are deeply, passionately in love, so make it count.