Top 30 Christmas Carols- The Favorites Of All Time

Christmas is festive season. It is a season of joy, cheerfulness and happiness. Christmas celebrations make this festival even more beautiful. The celebrations include decoration of the Christmas tree, feasting, singing Christmas carols, gift giving and much more. Christmas songs and carols are the most beautiful. This provides peace to the soul and everyone loves to hear to them. Listed below are some of the top favorite tunes that would fill up your hearts with the spirituality of Christmas. Therefore, read the Christmas carols and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Carols

Slade – ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’

Noddy and his group of platform wearers carried on to disfigure our television sets every December with their horrible clothing sense. There is a reason behind this. It is the blissful effortlessness of 1973’s “Merry Xmas Everybody”. The carol is popular story of drunken Christmas delight of joy and love.

Gruff Rhys – “Post Apocalypse Christmas”

Trust me or not this is the most popular hits on Gruff Rhy’s ‘Atheist Xmas’ EP. The cheerful low line the amazing guitar made it even more popular. Rhys exactly knew how to touch the Christmas sentiments of people without showing any offense to anyone.

Vince Guaraldi Trio – ‘Christmas Time is Here’

The world at first adores this flashing, harmonic song in 1965 when it was featured for the first time in the Peanuts television special “A Charlie Brown Christmas. It even cutely stitches exotically with family and friends with a glass of wine in hand on the Christmas Eve.

The Ramones – ‘Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)’

Joey Ramone’s request to his lover to keep aside their scrapping for the vacations is surely a strong Christmas anthem. Under its submissive lyrics there is a burning Ramones riff that probably increases the worries rather than providing peace to them around the sinning table on Christmas.

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Shonen Knife – ‘Space Christmas’

This music number is from everyone’s all time favorite Japanese tough singer. Pop band may not always make the much sense but it is absolutely soaked in the adventurous Christmas happiness. It is based on Santa Claus riding sleigh.

The Flaming Lips – ‘Christmas at the Zoo’

With this usually eccentric festival furious number, Wayne Coyne appears to build up a Band Aid such as a soapbox. The contrast is where Geldof had his munificent look sited decisively on humans. Wayne wishes to know if the animals in zoo are aware of the Christmas time. Unluckily when he goes to let them out, they are not happy but too ashamed to break out. Do not worry Wayne at least you got a funny song out of this incidence.

Aidan Moffat – ‘Plastic Mistletoe’

This restrained ballad bemoaning fake Christmases and the festival desertion seems on a 2011 Ep by the Arab Strap alumnus Aiden Moffat. This awesome track will provide you comfort after spending long hours of shopping for Christmas.

Kanye West – ‘Christmas in Harlem’

This great music and sound Christmas group number lives up to your expectations by Kayne and Ko, who sung in lieu of the unwrapping the Christmas gift, Jim Jones sings that he we would be partying till the dawn and Big Sean  says nothing much.

Stevie Wonder – ‘What Christmas Means to Me’

If you do not want to trouble yourself by listening and discovering then in that case you would consider Stevie Wonder as a man who sings Christmas carols and decorating the Christmas tree with his child at his home. Just once, listen to his songs I am sure that you would love and adore them.

Bob Dylan – ‘Must Be Santa’

The launch of Bob Dylan’s 2009 cheerful donation album named ‘Christmas In The Heart” was a bit confusing but the song and he supplementary video for the song ‘It Must Be Santa’ turned up to be a great enjoyment and even for a great cause. The joyful lyrics of the songs turned up to set trademarks and were an amusing source.

Eartha Kitt – ‘Santa Baby’

This song lead many generations wondering what does the word ‘sable’ literally means. Sable means a actually means a coat made up of fur. Eartha melodiously describes Santa in this amazing Christmas song in 1953.

Low – Just Like Christmas

Fully packed with sleigh bells and lyrically light it may be, but the indie rockers somewhat came out with something impossible in 1999. They made an amazing Christmas track named ‘Just like Christmas’. It is melancholy and modern anthem for Christmas.

Best Coast and Wavves – ‘Got Something For You’

The partnership between surf poppers Wavves and Best Coast describes a significant lesson about the control belated satisfaction. This song is an amazing one and is most humble, meek and irresistible.

Christmas Carols
Christmas Carols

Paul McCartney – ‘Wonderful Christmas Time’

Paul McCartney is a master of the youthful pop songs. His music is lovable and full of life. this small song would not set an example for you this festive season but would surely take some space in your heart.

Bing Crosby and David Bowie – ‘The Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth’

A strange meet between the Thin White Duke and the good ol’ boy of an American family on Bing Crosby’s 42nd episode of Christmas special became a matter of myth. David Bowie and Bing Crosby released a mixture of albums and named them as “The Little Drummer Boy’ and ‘Peace on Earth’. The feedback for this album was astonishing.

The Sonics – ‘Don’t Believe in Christmas’

The Sonics- the 60s garage rockers have a festival anger outburst, the reason for which is severe deficiency of presents. Offended and self-satisfied, this track is for all those who want to go back to their childhood and admiring December 25 celebrations.

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – ‘Cold White Christmas’

The topic of this ballad is a adolescent graduate who is determined to make out ways for herself to discover a job and decomposed flat. However, because of his arrogance to contact her family she has to spend Christmas all alone by herself. This track is an emotional Christmas music.

Bobby Helms – ‘Jingle Bell Rock’

After its launch in 1957, this song managed to be at the top of the Christmas songs list for consecutively five years, making it an absolute vacation typical even by the early 60s. Now it continues a soaring attendance in the carnival of Christmas, as identical with the vacation as glitter and crowns of paper.

Frightened Rabbit – ‘It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop’

Nobody has tired flexibility similar to that of Scots. Scott Hutchison remarks dryly on how all the riots and fights stop on Christmas to begin soon after the Christmas carnival ends. it is a soothing track to hear on the Christmas Eve. It is traditional Christmas song.

TLC – ‘Sleigh Ride’

Along with their classically humid harmonies, and it even contains Lisa Lopes’s most enjoyable raps. This is one of the track that you would enjoy on the Christmas night partying around and having a glass of wine in your hands with your friends and family.

Bob Seger – ‘Sock It to Me Santa’

This track is acknowledgement to Santa Claus. It is an adorable music track, which you would love to listen to on Christmas days. It a lovely track that portrays a lavishly dressed man.

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Sufjan Stevens – “O Come O Come Emmanuel”

No one can ever celebrate Christmas in the same manner as that celebrated like Sufjan. In the year 1996 not satisfied by launching a 42 track ‘Songs for Christmas’ album, he this year puts an effort launching an enormous 101 songs medley named as ‘Silver and Gold’ rejoicing the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is an amazing album, which is a small effort to celebrate the Christmas Eve with joy.

Chuck Berry – ‘Run Rudolph Run’

Though it did not managed to be in the top fifty’s list with its first launch, it became a long lasting vacation favorite for everyone. It is an exotic song, which you would love to hear on the Christmas celebrations.

The Ronettes – ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’

This song is portrayed on the basic idea that a child caught his mother kissing Santa Claus. The deeper you go in thinking about it; it will appear to be a more severe topic for you. It appears to display the severe issue of an extra marital affair than a Christmas applauds. Even after this, the song managed to be a Christmas carol and is sang and enjoyed by everyone.

Destiny’s Child – ‘8 Days of Christmas’

This is one of the greatest successes. It is based on the introduction of bold and shameless greed present in the society. It is a beautiful effort by Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly who managed to convert this into comfortable old vacation favorite, which turned out to be ravishing Christmas hits.

Julian Casablancas – ‘I Wish it Was Christmas Today’

It is a garage rock song. It is shaped around wishing everyone Merry Christmas. It is a beautiful song, which you could enjoy with your family and friends on the Christmas Eve.

James Brown – ‘Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto’

There is something severe in the soul of this particular track. James Brown desires that the children on the on the wrong paths to enjoy Christmas with its real soul. He wanted them to celebrate Christmas in a wonderful manner, the one that he had always wished for but was not able to celebrate it in that manner when he was a kid.

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Elvis Presley – ‘Blue Christmas’

In addition, the king added various feature arrogance to this cover of the country unique in 1948. Presley has given a lot of acknowledgement of his own and now with the launch of his album named the ‘Blue Christmas’ he has managed to give it a festive touch which everyone could adore.

Run-DMC – ‘Christmas in Hollis’

It is Christmas song with a hip-hop sort of nature. It includes raps about finding Santa Claus wallet. You can listen to this track when you want to relax or chill out during your Christmas vacations. This is a melodious track.

Tom Waits – ‘Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis’

We should take a minute and think about those who are not much privileged during the festival season. They do not get an opportunity to rejoice the Christmas eve, as they are not fortunate enough to rejoice the days of Christmas.

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