Top 11 Reasons of Divorce Between Married Couples

“Couples are made in heaven” is a true saying, but still some of the people make this saying false due to the minor differences that they make major by avoiding them. Why divorce occurs between couples is really a mystery questions. What are the reasons of divorce? Though this question can be solve to some extent. Here are the top 11 reasons of divorce between married couples. Just see to these top 11 reasons of divorce between couples and resolve the conflicts if any of such reasons are interrupting your relationship. It is better to resolve the conflict and spend your relation till your last breath with your partner, whom you are married to.

11 Ugly Reasons For Divorce Between Couples

Here is the list of reasons of divorce between happy couples:

Lack of Commitment

Divorce is one of the last ditch decisions that may be the effect of trouble in marriage. This takes couples to end their relations, without trying to resolve it. The couples these days are not committed to their sayings and doings. A commitment in a relationship should be maintained for long term relationship. Any lag in the commitment can cause divorce.

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Too many Arguments

According to the survey conducted on divorced men and women, more than 60 percent said that the argument was one of the worst reasons for their divorce. An argument must be handled wisely in a relationship to avoid it from breaking up.

Marrying Too Young

This is one of the 11 worst reasons of divorce between married couples. The early or childhood marriages may cause conflicts later own in the middle age after 25. These conflicts may be too serious that the relationship becomes unbearable by both of the couples and ultimately, it leads to divorce. Around 35 percent of the marriages in teenage, fails within 11 -15 years of the wedding.

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Lack of Equality

This is one of the most common reasons of divorce. When women are started being treated unequal, differences arises and may lead to divorce.

Lack of preparation

When people are not prepared to marry, but are forced to marry by family pressure or any such sort of thing, the marriage may be unsuccessful later on. It is very essential to ask the permission of couple before they are forced to marry each other. Disagreement from any one from the couple should be treated as no from both ends.


 Sometimes when couples fight, they forget to whom they are talking to and they abuse ease other. Sometime it leads to violence too. This is the end of relationship. Abuses are unbearable and must not be used.

Unmet expectations

When the expectations are not met from each other or from any of the one, divorce may find its way in between the relation. People do not try to sort out the things, but take wrong steps such as divorce. These expectations may be money, satisfaction, sexual pleasure, respect etc. You should discuss them with each other before reaching to any violent step breaking the relations.


Sometimes financial problems and dowry system becomes the ultimate reason for divorce between the couples.

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Different Interests and Priorities

Husband and wife may have different interests and thinking and their priorities may be different. Each of them should have respect for each other’s interests and priorities. Any miscommunication in these cases can lead to divorce.

Inability to solve conflict

Small fights are the part of every relation. But the couples, who turn these small fights to big issues without trying to solve them, are more prone to divorce.


This is the biggest reasons for divorce. When couples don’t trust each other, this give way to misunderstandings and cause divorce ultimately.

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So these were the 11 worst reasons for divorce between couples. Care for the relations, and think ten times before reaching any decision. You should even think about your kids, if any, because the kids suffer a lot if parents go for divorce. Remember sharing things with definitely help in such cases.

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