Top 10 Sex Facts That Everyone Must Know: Superstitions Not To Believe

There is nothing in the world which is more hyped than Sex. There are several facts about sex that we must all know. However, there are even several myths about sex that we have grown up believing, moreover programmed to believe so. Time has it that we really must learn to discern between the facts about sex and myths about sex. There are multiple must know sex facts that even a veteran sex pert will not know. However, especially for you we have come up with a brand new list of top 10 sex facts to know. Get prepared to widen up your entire thought process.

Male Sperm has a life of 5 days – Fact

Male sperm is resilient and if it enters the female vagina it can live up to 3-5 days. The life of male sperm varies depending upon the area of female body where the sperm is residing. If the place of residence is cervical mucus or upper genital tract then the life is more. If the sperm stays alive that long, it even holds the capacity to fertilize with the female egg and reproduce. However, if the sperms are released outside female body their life process is small and may lose its character within few hours.

Sex Burns Calories – Myth

All the glossy magazines are filled with columns like does sex burn calories? This is one of the biggest myths about sex. Whenever you pick up any magazine or read any internet columns it would put forward that kissing burns ‘X’ calories and sex burns ‘Y’ calories. And usually the X and Y here are shown over 100. People let’s get it straight that yes sex does burn calories but just a minor 21 calories precisely. So, if you’re planning to lose weight by totally being dependent on sex get ready to get down and dirty multiple times in a day.

Sex Reduces Stress – Fact

This is an undeniable fact that sex does reduce stress among the people. It lowers the problem of blood pressure, heart diseases, calms muscles and nerves. Conclusively, it even reduces stress. So, when you’re upset and stressed you know what you must do to calm down your nerves and relieve yourself of any possible stress. Even if you’re feeling sick it naturally heals you up. The arousals and orgasms make your body active and calm. Sex is known to strengthen your immune system and make your body, mind and soul healthy and happy.

Sex can give you heart attack – Myth

This is absolutely baseless and rubbish. The more sex you have the healthier your heart is. It is known that men who have sex at least twice a week are known to live longer than those who shun away from sex. Moreover, the degree of cardiovascular diseases is significantly reduced if you have sex at regular intervals. Most importantly, if a man doesn’t have diabetes and doesn’t smoke at all his chance of having a heart attack while having sex is one in a million. There is never enough exertion while having sex that it might cause heart attacks. However, ruff it is you don’t need to worry any more about heart diseases.

Intercourse at reproductive phase can cause pregnancy – Fact

For woman the reproductive phase starts at the age of 13 and lasts till the age of 50. However, for men the reproductive phase starts at 14 and can last a lifetime. Reproductive phase means the phase after which a woman is eligible to conceive a baby. When both men and women have started experiencing all the puberty changes in the body it can be said that they have entered the reproductive phase. After a woman has entered this phase her body is physically capable to conceive however mentally, physically and emotionally a woman is not strong to conceive a baby until the age of 20.

Sex during pregnancy is unsafe- Myth

Even till the last months of pregnancy having sex is absolutely fine. However, in some cases it might get difficult for the woman to have sex during her final few months. The woman might feel uterus contractions after sex. These contractions can even last for 30 minutes flat. But, even that is pretty normal and you and your baby will not be affected by these contractions at all. Some, woman might even experience a little bleeding in cervix. This is because of the increased blood volumes and engorgements. However, it is advisable to avoid sex in case you’re carrying multiple babies or your doctor has advised against it.

Love leads to better sex – Fact

Yes, it is as true as it sounds. If you love your partner, you’re more likely to have a better sex than compared to the situation where you are not emotionally involved with your partner. Being emotionally attached gives you an inbuilt willingness and desire to get dirty with your partner. Even the foreplay excitement is more when you have sex with the person you love.To Sex Myths not to believe

Chocolates excite you – Myth

No study has ever proved that chocolates turn you on and get you aroused. It is true that chocolates lead to a better functionality of blood vessels and cause the penis working well and causing erections. However, the chocolates have got nothing to go with passion, excitement and arousal. But yes chocolates are known to enhance the mood levels and make you happy from within.

Women love sex equally – Fact

As much as men think about sex even woman think about the sex at the same level. It is not about the gender but just the hormones that drive you to sex. Women, may not necessarily be vocal about their desire to have sex but they want sex as much as the men.

Size matters- Myth

This is just not true. The bigger the better is not applicable to men’s genital organs. The vaginal canal has sensory nerves for orgasms and arousals that are only 4 cms deep. Out of that one third of it lies on the external lining itself. So, why waste time trying to stimulate the portion where there won’t be any response from the woman?     

Final Words

Above, we have provided some sex facts that everyone must know. Besides facts there are even myths that are prevalent about sex. It is time to eliminate all these doubts, fears and myths about sex and enlighten up yourself. You no longer need to retain any doubts about the much hyped and contradicted, sex!