Top 10 New Year Resolutions

People usually think about taking a New Year resolution every year and try to complete it. It might be related to our health or achieving something big or might be improvement in our daily routine. If you find it difficult to choose your New Year Resolution then you can read the list of top 10 resolutions from here.

New Year Resolution List

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Healthy diet and Regular exercise

Ahaan, the most vicious resolutions is to have a healthy diet and to do regular exercises. These are usually called as the “weight loss programs“or initiative. Once in a blue moon when we realise on our own about our increasing weight or we get a comment from our friends, family or acquaintances we eventually gets active and rest of the year is termed as the break from this proposal. This resolution would also be not considered important. But let me remind you all that ‘health is wealth” and so are these resolutions. Your subscriptions of gyms should not be wasted and your this weight loss initiative should be carried till its completion. The crazy fact of tomorrow should evolve as soon as possible.

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Drink less

This is the second most in trend resolution by almost all the drinkers. This resolution is also famous because this tends to break on the same day when you are making this resolution.  Giving ourselves unnecessary excuses like today we are happy so drinking is important, today we are sad so drinking becomes crucial, and so on. Drinking is the root cause of many problems in our body like obesity, liver failures, cough, tuberculosis, cancer etc. . . . . Just following this one resolution can help you tonnes. This drinking even spoils your first day of new year because after drinking at night, most of your mornings start with the shearing’s head in the toilets, make-ups spread all over, you puking in the basin, head-aches etc. to relieve from this headache you shift to another addiction of coffee, medicines, painkillers etc. when so much evil is connected to this drinking, then why not just boycott it. Lead a happy and prosperous life.

Exploring the ‘NEW’

It could be cooking, it could be Chinese, it could be dancing a new form etc.  There is no limit to the stars so same is with the new explorations. It could be watching destinations you have never visited.  Learning something never gets wasted. It automatically opens the door of something fresh i.e. waiting for you to grab it. Somebody has said it so true that life falls short for learning but learning new never ends. So same should be your motto. Never waste a single opportunity to learn something new. You never know which destination will give you great success.

Quit smoking

‘SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH’. These are the words written on a pack of cigarettes but while puffing you says that death has to come, it is inescapable. Yeah! That is true and correct. Life is short and we never knew when it ends so why to waste our precious time in diseases and doctors queue. All the money wasted on medicines can be easily spent luxuries and can even utilize in better way. Every year you make this resolution of quitting smoking, but this breaks with the line that is the last cigarette. The last one never comes and this New Year resolution never accomplishes. According to a survey only 15% of the people manage to stay away from cigarette, rest they continue it again. Nowadays there are many medicines that help you in quitting smoking. If you really want to give it a try then I would suggest you to have a look over these rehabilitating medicines and with the doctor’s consultation just get rid of this killing pleasure.

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Life balance and stability

Abraham Maslow’s gave a Hierarchy of Needs saying that people need safety and belonging to self-actualization both. Safety includes the options of job security and wealth related security. On the same note belonging include safety of relation by marriage, by friendships, family and intimacy. Nowadays safety of self-actualization is more important and prioritized than the sense of belonging. Money is considered to be the most valuable asset. No matter how selflessly your mother or father had brought you up or your friends had taken out you from your pathetic breakup, all these tend to become zero when you get money against or over all these. You are even ready to sacrifice your home, your family, your love for that job because you are earning and that is giving you money. Family outings, holidays, celebrations, and picnics are just a waste of time now. You won’t believe all this so let me just make you realise by giving a notice towards one’s own life. You will realise that actually a better life is waiting for you for so long but you yourself was ignoring that.

New year Resolutions


I dare you this New Year to go and volunteer in spreading a little happiness out of your pocket. I promise you a little happiness out of your pocket and the double god will fill in your life. “Volunteering” do not means going and building a school or going and spend huge amount of money in charity or donations. It means charity of your time. Just take out time from your busy schedules and sit with your parents, visit an orphanage and spend time with those children. Mark my words the most peaceful thing in the world is to see smile on somebody’s face due to you. It is so soothing and full of pleasure that no other entertaining source can ever provide you. Don’t just think of diminishing the problems of world but just try to live each and every moment.

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Procuring money

Situations never are the same. Today you might have enough money but future in uncertain. So always find ways to save your single penny too. Use coupons, schemes, discounts, self-made things etc. Don’t just waste the entire money or unnecessarily your money over one or two celebrations. Procure your money and use it with proper planning. People have to sacrifice a lot time in their life to earn money. So just not forget it. It is the time that can be devoted to your family or even on yourself but you choose to use it in earning money. Never break this resolution and try to follow it.

Get systematic

In these busy days of life, you don’t get time to arrange your things properly. This might include your social life, your kitchen, your wardrobe, your office etc. whether it is a stressing day or you have a burden of work or you are not feeling, all these excuses cannot take you out of the responsibility of being organised and systematic. Just imagine the room where your time does not get wasted over finding things when required, sleeping over a bed without any rubbish material. Everything must be properly sanitized. So better it’s too late wake up and breaks this resolution.

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Read books

Reading might be everyone’s favourite past time in one or the other phase of time. It eventually fades away in the business of our lives. Do you remember when did you last time sit in the open veranda with the cup of tea in one hand and book on the other? All our life is struck between deadlines, assignments, work, and attempts of good sleep. New Year is just a sailing boat that can help us from sinking. Reading books is like meditating and rejuvenating our lives. It can be any book a biography, a thriller, a detective one anything. Just watch your relaxed mood and a day free from anxiety and tension.

Pending lists to be completed

Making a list of things and stuffs to be done is not a difficult task, but at the time of commencing these jobs, we actual difficulty occurs. The work can be anything from cleaning to charity of old clothes, to buy the stuff of house or to get the fittings and fixtures. So set a day aside in the beginning of the year and get all this done as soon as possible.

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