Top 10 Bridal Nail Colors for This Wedding Season

Nail shades play a key role in defining your personality and adds glamour and glaze to the overall appearance of bride Hands draw attention and hence must be decked up with gorgeous bangles and accessories while nail color adds to the elegance and gives a complete touch to the attire and style. Hence trendy and exciting bridal nail colors are the curiosity of many bides and they wonder on how to choose best bridal nail color for this wedding season. Here is a list of top 10 bridal nail colors for this wedding season that allows you to flaunt your captivating and stunning hands during the big day of your life. It certainly accentuates your beauty and makes you stand out in the crowd.

Top 10 Shades of Bridal Nail Color

Bright and vibrant shades of nail paint make an amazing display on the big wedding day. There are some most popular as well as unique shades that are counted among the top 10 shades of bridal nail color for all wedding seasons. An icing on the cake if the shades of your nail color match with your wedding dress. Here are some of the most lavish and trendy colors that inevitably form the best nail shade for such big occasions.

Aurora Red

Aurora Red is a vibrant and extremely elegant color that builds up an aura of panache with its shade and tone on your gorgeous nails. Owing to its sumptuous and lavish appearance it is one of the best bridal nail colors for this wedding season. For all the would-be-brides aurora red is just the best pick that has a conglomeration of both ethnic and modern look and compliments your wedding attire.

Misted Yellow

Yellow defines serenity and peace and has a soft touch in its appearance. The rich and dark yellow shade adds to the subtle look of your beautiful hands and reflects optimism and brightness of the occasion. No wonder its bright and positive vibes reflected from the shade makes it one of the best bridal nail colors for this wedding season. Light yellow shade also has a pleasant and relaxing touch that brings in happiness and tranquility.

Latest Bridal Nail Color for this Wedding Season

Dusk Blue

Dusk Blue is a symbolic color that signifies faithfulness and trust and hence makes a perfect pick for the wedding occasion. It is also one of the most popular nail colors that indicate some private time with the counterpart. Hence Dusk Blue is one of the best nail colors for brides-to be. So express your love and fidelity with this incredibly peaceful shade of dusk blue.


Romance and playfulness are the major part of a newly-wed couple and the shade of sangria is perfect. It is an exotic shade of the stunning red and gives a riveting appearance on the nails. Add glamor to your married life with Sangria. It is truly the among the best nail colors for this wedding season. Try it on your honeymoon and live a memorable time!

Flame Orange

As the name suggests it could set ablaze the ambience around you and create fire within. The color is a very hot and modish choice for all brides. It is among the Top 5 hottest bridal nail colors for this wedding season that gives a unique and sizzling touch to nails. Needless to say it sparks up your ravishing beauty with the burning orange shade.

Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice makes a lustful and playful appearance on the nails of a newly-wed girl. It mostly reflects irrevocable and generous lust and playfulness that can evoke flirtatiousness in the counterparts. Hence it is makes a perfect choice among the 5 must have bridal nail colors for this wedding season. It is an ideal shade for all brides to be.

Bright Cobalt

Bright Cobalt is a classic and royal nail color that looks amazing on fair complexion. It graces your feminine personality and hence is one of the most popular bridal nail colors for this wedding season that depicts strength in character and personality of the bride. This color is an absolute must for all would be bides or the newly-wed ones to flaunt your new beginning.

Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid is an amalgamation of vibrant and enthusiastic colors like fuchsia, pink and purple. Owing to its rosiness and natural glow it is among the 5 must have bridal nail colors for this wedding season. It enthralls everyone completely and hence is added to all bridal collections of the current trend.

Lush Teal

Green is not very common but it certainly be rejuvenating and indicate a holiday mood. Wear the lush teal shade of green along with vibrant wedding attire and add energy and enthusiasm to your married life. It is indeed a favorite bridal nail color for this wedding season. It conveys the excitement you have stored for all these days to enjoy a fabulous big day.

Mauve Mist

Mauva Mist is a shade of lavender and has a rich and calm look. It gives a delicate feminine look and signifies good cozy time with your beloved. You can also retain the color at your workplace and flaunt it immensely.