Tips to Wear Cotton Saree Perfectly

Saree is a perfect dress for Women as it emphasizes the look of women and reflects the elegance, style, and grace. Most of the women prefer the saree due to its easiness and simplicity. Ladies thinks that carrying a saree is quite easy as well as it would highlight the beauty and personality. Wearing a saree is not just a single thing, but choosing a saree is quite harden than wearing because you must be remembered some things when you are buying a saree and they are:

Saree always adds sensuality and attractiveness in a woman’s personality but improper tucked up saree can blemish the look. Hence, while wearing a saree, woman should remember some tips so with the help of that she can wear a saree in more attractive way. There are 5 useful tips on draping a saree, and they are:

  1. Make sure that petticoat is not too tightly tied or flared
  2. Use small pins that will hold saree in proper way
  3. Must pin up saree well, mainly when you wear it for some function, party, or for office
  4. Simply you can leave pallu free or loose for the gorgeous look
  5. Before draping it, ironed your saree properly.

Tips to Wear Cotton Saree Perfectly

If woman wants to add volume to her body, and she is slim or petite then she can try Cotton sarees, Tissue, Organza, Tussar, etc. fabric. Cotton sarees are the boon for the women mainly for hot summer days. It delivers an ethnic look to your personality as well as it is very comfortable to wear. Cotton saree makes you look different from other and on the other hand, you will be so comfortable so you can’t regret tying yourself in it. If you are going for some party, office, or even any other place and you want to look different from others then you must know the art of wearing a cotton saree, so with the help of that you will look different from other ladies. There are some tips to wear cotton saree perfectly, some tips are:

  • Ironed a saree properly
  • Pin up it in a proper manner
  • Pin the pallu and plates smartly.

Cotton saree also one of the favorite choice of short height girls. Short height girls always want to look tall and slim, therefore, they mostly prefer cotton sarees. And for that, they have to follow useful tips to wear saree for short height girls. Apart from this, it is not too tough to wear cotton saree for tall girls, there are few easy way to wear cotton sarees. If you follow some tips to tying cotton sarees, then you will be able to look elegant. Most of the women have question that how to wear cotton saree neatly in Bengali style, then here are few steps:

  • Tuck a saree along waist in a petticoat
  • Start with the area around the naval
  • Cross the remaining saree all over to left
  • Then take the remaining saree to right
  • After that take the remaining saree and wrap it comfortable along with the chest
  • Make pleats and rest them to the left shoulder
  • For giving Bengali flavours, hold a bunch of keys with the key ring as well as with the Pallu.

3 Ways to Dress in a Cotton Saree

  1. Wearing it Nivi style
  2. Wearing it Gujarati style
  3. Wearing it Indo-Western style

If one wants to know the best way to wear cotton saree, then she must know that how to wear cotton saree step by step, so here are steps:

  • Wear perfect blouse for your body type and petticoat, tuck the material into the petticoat and starting with the plain side and make few plates and put the saree in on the right side of belly button
  • One full counter clockwise circle ending up at right side of belly button again
  • Grab the pallu and circle it around the body once, and place it on the left shoulder
  • Cover the chest area with the pallu that is draped on left shoulder
  • With the remaining saree, make 5 to 7 plates and fold them neatly and after that tuck that part into petticoat on the left side of belly button.