Things that guys notice in a girl at first look

This is a very curious and sensational stuff for every girl. Yes – things a guy notice in a girl at first look. Every guy will have his own dreams for a girl that he would want to have in his life. The criteria need not be uniform for all guys. Every boy is unique with his own aspects of life. Each one’s perception differs and nothing is comparable in any way. There may be too many controversies about things a boy notices in a girl at first look.  But one thing everyone should keep in mind is this is not an issue which is awkward, this is just an opinion. This write-up can serve as a guideline for all guys and just a hint for all the girls and is the answer for the great question as to what are the things that a man notices in a girl?

6 things men immediately notice about a woman

  • The most prominent things a guy notice in a girl at first meeting is the girl’s eyes. It will look very poetic but the eyes tell all about us. Eyes reveal our attitude, confidence level and truth to the relationship. Someone can make a lot of things from a girl’s eyes. Everybody on this earth irrespective of the gender is inclined to attractive eyes. It’s nothing to do with eye shadows and colour lashes but something to do about internal thoughts and attitudes. Of course, the eye contact that she has with the person she meets also matters a lot. You can look at someone’s eyes and speak only when you are true to yourself.
  • Next things a boy notices in a girl at first meeting is the cuteness in the face and body style. This is an obvious feature that a boy would expect. Anyone on this world is likely to admire beauty. He also would have a note of the type of dressing and the type of accessories she uses like glasses, watch, and even shoes.
  • Another important aspect and things a man notice in a woman at first look is her hair. The care she extends towards her hair implies the care she shows on other things. This is an indirect implication of her attitude. Also, long and mid length hair is most preferred by guys according to surveys, as it shows the feminineness in a girl.
  • What Men Notice First in a Woman, Things to Look about Girls on First Date

  • Any man would want happiness in life. A next thing a man notices in a woman is they will start looking on her smiles and body language. This in turn shall depict the character base of any girl, whether she is moody or talkative, fun loving or serious.
  • Next in the set of first things guys notices in a girl, is the circle in which she moves. Whether it is guys or girls and what is the ratio of guys and girls.
  • There are one more criteria which is equally important when it comes to things a man notice in a woman at first meeting. That is her voice. Guys would want a sweet voice in a girl.

This is just a guideline of what do men notice in a woman at first meeting? This is preferred by most of the boys. But there are few exceptions. But on a nutshell, a guy also wants his girl to be confident, bold, and clear and a good attitude. Apparently, it would seem like he is looking into things like what is she carrying with her and the way she carries her. But he will only ultimately look at what is she carrying in her mind and thoughts.

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