Things not to be discussed with newly engaged girlfriend

Things not to discuss with engaged wifeAlthough in current world for a boy, there is lot of things to discuss with girlfriend, yet it should be kept in mind that there are certain things not to discuss with girlfriend before the wedding.  This is said keeping in mind the fragility of the relationship and the volatility of the understanding between the boy and the girl.

As we all know that the time between the engagement and the wedding period is more important for both the boy and girl wherein they get more attracted towards each other and tend to be in an over interactive and over-communicative mode which is normal for the healthy relationship and understanding between each other, yet it is also a period where the dependency and belief between each other is not fully matured, hence the following things to hide with the newly engaged girlfriend.

Family Matters

This is one of the biggest Things to hide from newly engaged girlfriend. Although the girl who is engaged to the boy is for sure going to be part of their family, yet it is better that the boy not discuss all the family matters with the newly engaged girlfriend since this might create a false impression about the persons in the family in the mind of the girl and might make her to approach them with the same impression which is not good.  Although the discussion of what to tell and what not to tell to newly engaged girlfriend is subjective when it comes to family matters, yet it is always better for the boy to be selective on discussing this.


This is one of the foremost matter of what to hide from a newly engaged girlfriend as this is always the main cause for the break in the relationship between the couple when they are in the fragile pre-marital period.  Discussing this would always make the girl to come to know more about the financial position and stability of a boy and might also make a wrong impression about the financial status of the person to judge him.  As everyone would agree that finance alone does not determine the success of a relationship between a boy and a girl, yet a survey indicates that this has been the prime factor for the break in relationship and has always been advised that this is a thing to hide with the newly engaged girlfriend.

About Friends

In today’s world where the girl and guys have got more maturity on understanding about the partner and know that it is inevitable for a guy or girl to have friends (not bringing in the gender here) with the world getting shrunk, however this is always a delicate item and is one among the things not to say to a newly engaged girlfriend.  As friendship and marriage are two different things, it is always better that you do not be over enthusiastic in disclosing too much about your friends to your girlfriend.


It is very precarious to disclose about your past to your girlfriend and hence is a thing to hide with the newly engaged girlfriend as this might again make the girl to arrive at a wrong conclusion about you as a person and has jeopardy of breaking the relationship.  It is better for the guy to be selective on what to and what not to hide to your newly engaged girlfriend.

The above things would help in building a better and long lasting relationship.