Top 5 Tips to Choose a Perfect Indian Wedding Dress according to Your Skin Tone

Every bride wants to look perfect for her wedding. In India there is a tradition to wear lahenga and saree on the wedding. Red color is the most common wedding dress trend. Many brides use the red color lahenga and few of them like to try other colors also. There are so many options for them due to which they get confused. The wedding dress that the bridal wear is most memorable and very important for the zooks. So you should always know how to choose wedding dress according to your body type. The Indian skin tones are of three types: Fair complexion, wheatish complexion, dusky complexion. When you are going to decide for wedding dress, it is very important to keep your skin tone in your mind. Continue reading “Top 5 Tips to Choose a Perfect Indian Wedding Dress according to Your Skin Tone”

Best Outfits to wear on a Winter Date

The trickiest instances about dressing are that of what to wear in a winter date? As most of the women will like carrying themselves with slim and fit always, winter clothing can add on a lot of layering. Hence, it won’t be apt sexy outfits for winter date. But then, you can overcome such awkward moments by playing a little smart and choosing sexy winter date outfits. End of it, you will land up in selecting perfect outfit for winter date. You will not miss out any of the things that you want to have. Now, balance the style and comfort and look and feel good. The best winter outfits are those which can be wear outside at offices for meetings as well as at home too. You can easily impress and be romantic with your partner at home in winters by wearing these kind of winter outfits. Continue reading “Best Outfits to wear on a Winter Date”