5 Most Common Things that Brides think on their Wedding Day

In a woman’s life, wedding is certainly the most beautiful day. The bride gives a lot of effort to make this day memorable. Starting from the perfect dress to the best makeup, she takes care of everything in advance so that she can be relaxed on her wedding day. But despite doing all the pre-planning, the bride gets nervous and brides’ thoughts on wedding day are obvious. You being a bride are bound to have things to think about on your wedding day. There are5 most common things that brides think on their wedding day and if you want to know what brides really think about their weddings, then do read on to know the 5 things every bride thinks on her wedding day. So, if you are gearing up to tie the knot in near future, you better be prepared to handle these things, which almost all brides think about on their wedding day. Continue reading “5 Most Common Things that Brides think on their Wedding Day”

Is It Important to Hire a Wedding Planner for Wedding

Wedding is one of the biggest occasions for both the bride and groom and also for their families. The families in the wedding would like to make the best of everything to make wedding the most memorable moment for the couple or the guests. With wedding come various responsibilities which have to be managed in a proper way to escape from any kind of mess. While organizing the function one may think should I hire a wedding planner or not. Although there are several people around in the wedding who can help you manage the things but you cannot be sure if things will take place flawlessly. Keeping all of this into mind it becomes important to hire the best wedding planner for wedding. Once you have decided to hire wedding planner for wedding make sure that you find best wedding planner in India who have the capability of making the marriage the most beautiful moment of your life.

benefits of Hiring Wedding Planner for wedding Continue reading “Is It Important to Hire a Wedding Planner for Wedding”

Why to Marry a Girl Selected by Parents

Arrange Marriage vs Love Marriage Debut in IndiaArrange marriages have been prevalent in the Indian country since ages wherein families of both boy and girl play a major role. The parents takes the responsibility for finding a suitable match for their children, wherein the parents of boy keeps looking for girl to marry to their son and similar things goes at the end of parents of girl. However, once the parents filter out the option, both boy and girl get an option to choose each other.

Marrying a girl who loves you is favoured by the youth, but our elders think that marrying a girl of parents choice is the correct thing to do, and their decisions would make your life more beautiful. The success stories of arrange marriages answers well as to why arranged marriages are better when compared to love marriages. Continue reading “Why to Marry a Girl Selected by Parents”