How effective is Walking for Weight Loss

Walking is a good method to burn off food calories to lose weight. It really does not depend on how many miles you walk to lose weight as much as how much time you should spend on walking and the speed you should maintain. Starting with a 10 minute routine of brisk walking each day of the week, with an addition of 2 minutes extra walking time each week, will show you how effective is walking for weight loss; by the time you’re walking up to to 30 to 45 minutes a day. Continue reading “How effective is Walking for Weight Loss”

How to Get Over Depression after a Break Up

A relation is undoubtedly the best part of one’s life, but breakups do take place owing to certain reasons that are out of our control. Break ups are generally difficult and the memories start drifting in every now and then causing distress and disgust. Many people affected from such relationship disasters fail to cope up with it and tend to capitulate. Here are 5 secrets of coping up with a breakup. These 5 tips to deal with a breakup will help you to get back to your normal life and slowly recuperate from the shock and disgrace. Continue reading “How to Get Over Depression after a Break Up”