Skipping School leads to Unsafe Sex among Teenage Girls?

Now a days, the teenagers are more attracted towards the sex society because they feel younger and grown up and the technology is one of the major factors for most teenagers as they are skipping their school and attract towards the unsafe sex. Skipping school leads to unsafe sex among teenage girls mean the younger generation grow up very fast, the technology and social site give the required data in a very easy manner. Society and parents are also a part of skipping school facts. Parents are busy with their works and not able to give the time to their children, which is also a reason for skipping school results in unsafe sex among teens. Teenager doesn’t have any fear of skipping school negatives, as they are feeling free to move anywhere without any restriction. Continue reading “Skipping School leads to Unsafe Sex among Teenage Girls?”

Skipping Schools Leading to Wrong Activities among the Teenagers

Peers are one of the fantastic blessings for any teenager. But the peers need to be really good at values and should not drag teens to the bad side. Why not to bunk school? This is the normal mind set and the question that any teenager thinks of. It’s quite acceptable when a teen in college try to bunk classes but if this starts out happening in the high school, it’s a threat. Parents keep monitoring their kids but in few instances, even parents miss out to monitor the way. It’s of no use to monitor your kids after they start falling on issues and problems. Even sometimes, skipping school also leads to unsafe sex among teen girls which is very perilous for teenagers as well as for society too. Continue reading “Skipping Schools Leading to Wrong Activities among the Teenagers”

Why Teenagers Should Say No to Online Dating

Why online dating is bad for teenagersTechnology comes with a lot of advantages. It comes with an in built dis advantages too. There are lots of people who do online dating. There are websites meant for this. It is open for anyone respective of your age, gender and everything. This is even a threat to most of the parentshaving teenagers at home. Teens at this age needs to be taught of why online dating is dangerous? There are a few reasons which are very appropriate to know why online dating is not safe? Continue reading “Why Teenagers Should Say No to Online Dating”