Should Teenagers be given Sex Education in School

Before we actually jump to the topic let’s get few things clear in our head. One, what is sex education? Sex education basically is imparting basic knowledge about sex. This is a crucial step to be taken in order to educate the young ones to be healthy, safe and responsible. Two, who should be given, sex education? Sex education is not a regular impart of education. Thus, it is important for everybody to be well educated about the subject. However, the priority basis impart of knowledge must be given to Teenagers.  Now the third and the most important question is should sex education be a part of school curriculum or should there be any form of sex education in school? Continue reading “Should Teenagers be given Sex Education in School”

Top 10 Sex Facts That Everyone Must Know: Superstitions Not To Believe

There is nothing in the world which is more hyped than Sex. There are several facts about sex that we must all know. However, there are even several myths about sex that we have grown up believing, moreover programmed to believe so. Time has it that we really must learn to discern between the facts about sex and myths about sex. There are multiple must know sex facts that even a veteran sex pert will not know. However, especially for you we have come up with a brand new list of top 10 sex facts to know. Get prepared to widen up your entire thought process. Continue reading “Top 10 Sex Facts That Everyone Must Know: Superstitions Not To Believe”

Common Reasons for Breaking of Hymen in Girls

Hymen is the most widely misunderstood part of the female body. The tiny membrane has created multiple controversies over the years. The absence of hymen in woman is not a sure shot reason to believe that a girl has been involved in any immoral activity. Indian men prefer to marry virgin girl because of this disbelief. In the article below we will cover the must know reasons for breaking of hymen in girls and several myths about girls with broken hymen. Continue reading “Common Reasons for Breaking of Hymen in Girls”