Things to avoid during Pregnancy

Pregnancy! An awesome feeling that makes women complete or realize them the real meaning of their life. Every woman have lots of dream and plans regarding their pregnancy and when they get the news of pregnancy then there are lots of happiness and joy enters in their life. But along with this happiness mostly women use to forget the precautions they need to take while their pregnancy. When you know that you are pregnant then by understanding your responsibility towards your child you need to find out first things to avoid during pregnancy as your little carelessness become harmful for you. Here are given some pregnancy do’s and don’ts which use to cover foods to avoid during pregnancy and things to avoid during pregnancy to give birth a healthy child. Continue reading “Things to avoid during Pregnancy”

Birth Control Pills Pros and Cons

Birth Control Pills Pros and ConsBirth control is a method chosen by men and women to prevent unwanted pregnancy. In this modern world where pregnancy stands just another page turner issue birth control pills are being used by large number of women to control pregnancy. Though the uses of birth control pills have been dilated all over the globe but the agonizing part of its lies in the birth control pills side effects which has caused many hormonal and other body imbalances. If you too have been pondering on the use of birth control pills then have a nimble glance at the birth control pills pros and cons which will educate you on its uses and adversities on health. A lot of research conducted by medial stalwarts have framed certain must know conclusions on birth control pills. Continue reading “Birth Control Pills Pros and Cons”

What Is The Right Time To Conceive After Abortion

Every couple use to plan several things for their new coming baby but due to some carelessness or any other reason many times it has been found that women faces the situation of miscarriage.  It lefts the great scar in the women’s life and after facing this situation they only want to know one thing that how soon can I get pregnant after miscarriage? It is because of their love and emotional attachment with the baby that they are having in their bump.  One must know the best time to get pregnant after abortion to avoid this situation again. Continue reading “What Is The Right Time To Conceive After Abortion”