5 Reasons Why Being Selfish is Good for Your Marriage

Is Being Selfish Good for Your MarriageMarriage is a very complicated and sensitive relationship that has to be looked after with utmost attention and care. Marriage is actually built on compromises from each other and also mutual understandings. But its base is on love and the happiness that is shared in between the couple and the relatives. Total commitment and sacrifices is required in the relationship. There were days when only giving was expected from the couple by the relatives. But the trend has changed now. There are no youth who follow traditions and the rules in the relationships. The following are the 5 reasons why being selfish is good for your marriage. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Being Selfish is Good for Your Marriage”

4 Reasons to Match Kundali before getting Married

Relevance of Kundli Matching in MarriagesMarriage is an auspicious occasion for any Indian. As a matter of fact our whole world revolves around marriages. For us it is not just about tying the knot, it is more like a festival to be celebrated not just by the bride or groom but by their respective clans. Each and every person associated with the households is deeply engrossed in the preparations which play a crucial role in the successful completion of the holy ceremony. Continue reading “4 Reasons to Match Kundali before getting Married”

How to know Your Girlfriend is Marriage material or not

Are you Marriage Material GirlfriendMarriage is an important issue in an individual’s life and it is completely a toss and a matter of luck. People opt to live in relationships to know their partners well, but when it comes to marriage, the expectations change. Your marriage can work or not, can be understood only after getting married. For all those men who are still thinking whether their girlfriends are ideal for marriage or not, this piece of work will give Tips to know perfect marriage material girl and how to know your girlfriend is marriage material or not. Continue reading “How to know Your Girlfriend is Marriage material or not”