5 Biggest Regrets most Women have from their Relationship after Marriage

Marriage generally brings lots of happiness for a woman as it unites her with the man of her dreams. The experiences that they share and the love of her husband, the shoulder to cry on, someone to depend on simply makes a woman elated and excited. But, as we know, everything has its pros and cons. Likewise marriage also comes with bags and baggage. As marriage unites a woman with the man of her dreams, it brings a lot of happiness in her life. The cons of the marriage comes after the honeymoon period or better say after the happy-go-lucky phase as after that many women regrets marrying their husbands as usually there are reasons why women have more relationship regrets than men. Continue reading “5 Biggest Regrets most Women have from their Relationship after Marriage”

How to Find Love in Arranged Marriage

How to find Love in Arranged MarriageArrange marriage is a marriage type where one of the partners is selected none by the husband or by wife. The selection of the partners will be done by the family members, friends or by parents as all of the people knows the tips of successful arranged marriage. In most of the cases parents use to select both bride groom as well as bride by simple agreement for marry their children with one another and feel that how to make your arranged marriage work. Arranged marriages would be prompted as obtaining the results for maintaining the relationship type which will be going too established between both the families. Thus, in some cases arrange marriages dominates the people and make people think that how to find love in arranged marriage. Arrange marriages use to involve the consent of both families. Participation of every member will add a value in the marriage functions. Continue reading “How to Find Love in Arranged Marriage”