Why Indian Men Hesitate to Marry Girls who are not Virgin?

Virginity of a girl is the most debatable topic. There have been several instances when a guy has even gone ahead and divorced her wife if she accepted that she was not a virgin. We live in a patriarchal society where the decisions are solely taken by the men. But does that give away the authority to the men to judge purity of woman on the basis of whether she’s virgin or not? No, not at all!! We live in 21st century where everyone likes to call themselves modern and up to date. So, why is there hypocrisy in this? If women have gone ahead and accepted their sexuality then why can’t men do the same? What’s shameful is that these are the same men who are okay with sleeping with multiple girlfriends, but become mama’s boy when it comes to marriage. Hypocrisy! Outright Hypocrisy! Below, we have listed down some the reasons why Indian men hesitate to marry girls who are not virgin. Continue reading “Why Indian Men Hesitate to Marry Girls who are not Virgin?”

Common Reasons for Breaking of Hymen in Girls

Hymen is the most widely misunderstood part of the female body. The tiny membrane has created multiple controversies over the years. The absence of hymen in woman is not a sure shot reason to believe that a girl has been involved in any immoral activity. Indian men prefer to marry virgin girl because of this disbelief. In the article below we will cover the must know reasons for breaking of hymen in girls and several myths about girls with broken hymen. Continue reading “Common Reasons for Breaking of Hymen in Girls”