Does friendship between a boy and girl turn into marriage

Marrying a childhood friendStrong bond shared between a boy and girl can at times become difficult to understand and this can create problem for friends living in such relation and also for the society as a whole. We live in a society wherein boys and girls can never be seen as friends, girl and boy roaming together are considered as lovers and if they are seen holding hands then there are rumours about their marriage all around the place. Hence it is clear that boy and girl friendship is not at all taken casually. However biggest question lies about what is the end result of girl boy friendship or can a girl boy friendship turn to marriage. There are many things to be considered to arrive on to the conclusion as to what leads to friendship between boy and a girl. Continue reading “Does friendship between a boy and girl turn into marriage”

Can Best Friends Become a Great Couple

Can the best BFF become great couplesAlmost everyone has a close friend of opposite gender. A friend is someone with whom you can have fun, enjoy, share good things in your life and also with whom you can share close and personal things of your life. We all need someone with a sympathetic ear. Many of us know that we cannot imagine our lives without our best friends but the question comes in our mind more often that can best friend become life partner? Or can best friends be a nice couple? Will there be any chances of best friend becoming couple in future? We almost share everything with our best friends but when to know that can friendship turn into relation? Or can you and your crush become a good couple or not? Continue reading “Can Best Friends Become a Great Couple”