Why Divorce Rate is Increasing Day by Day

Marriage is a sacred bonding that has been decided by the laws of nature. It unites two souls and entwines them in passionate love and trust. The memories and feeling thrive even after that and such is the symbolic meaning of the nuptial knot of marriage. Much to everyone’s dismay people have tarred this meaning and have demeaned this bonding. There have been many reasons for increasing divorce rate in recent times that has lynched the truth and beauty of relation. It is important to understand why have divorce rates increased over time. Marriages are believed to be set in heaven but with the fast technology and pace of life, people have found different reasons to get married which fail to support their relation in the long run and this cause major loss to kids. How common is divorce and what are the reasons. Read out the extract and get a vivid notion about divorces and the major factors behind it. Continue reading “Why Divorce Rate is Increasing Day by Day”

Top 11 Reasons of Divorce Between Married Couples

“Couples are made in heaven” is a true saying, but still some of the people make this saying false due to the minor differences that they make major by avoiding them. Why divorce occurs between couples is really a mystery questions. What are the reasons of divorce? Though this question can be solve to some extent. Here are the top 11 reasons of divorce between married couples. Just see to these top 11 reasons of divorce between couples and resolve the conflicts if any of such reasons are interrupting your relationship. It is better to resolve the conflict and spend your relation till your last breath with your partner, whom you are married to. Continue reading “Top 11 Reasons of Divorce Between Married Couples”