How to get child custody after divorce in India

When divorce becomes inevitable, there are a lot of factors that needs to be attended. Nobody marries in a view point to get divorced. It is a compulsion made to us by time. And if It involves Child Custody in India,it is better that both the husband and the wife be prepared by knowing the facts of legal procedures before filing a divorce. There are few Child Custody Law in India with which you need to fit it yourself and your case. However till the age of 5, child needs to be in the care of their mothers. Fathers just have the visiting rights at this stage. But it is even possible for a father to get his child’s custody after the age of 5 of the kid if the person is able to take care of the child’s development and growth at a par that can be given by a mother. Continue reading “How to get child custody after divorce in India”

What is the procedure to file a divorce

divorce filing procedure and tipsSome marriages have bad endings i.e. a divorce takes place and this may happen because of various reasons. Survival of two people in a relationship becomes impossible and they choose to get separated instead of living unhappily together. This phase is one of the most difficult phases of anyone’s life and you may get affected mentally and psychologically because of this. In spite of all this, it is sometimes unavoidable and you don’t have any other option else than this, so let’s study about how to file divorce in India. Continue reading “What is the procedure to file a divorce”

Why most love marriages end with divorce?

love marriages turning to divorceLove between two souls takes into a deeper bonding – marriage. Life is happier. The nuptial knot is tied to a person who is so close to your heart. But life is always not a bed of roses. It actually has very small thorns. But it seemed bigger to us as you agitate as time goes by. You can still avoid love marriages ending with divorce by really analysing the facts of reasons why love marriages end with divorce? Continue reading “Why most love marriages end with divorce?”