My Boyfriend cheated on me – What should I do: Top 5 Signs

A relationship goes through several stages. Some of these are happy phases whereas in some cases things get rocky and ugly.  The problem is some people are so manipulative that you hardly can identity if the relationship is going through a rough patch or not. If you are not able to identify that a relationship is going through a tough phase you’ll never be able to know when the time to move on in life is. A lot of girls come up with this tricky question, ‘My Boyfriend cheated on me- What should I do?’ See, there is no definite rule to find out whether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not. However, if you actually are in the state of doubt then probably something is really going amiss in your relationship. Below, we have listed down few tips that will help you find boyfriend is cheating or not? Go through this list and access when it is the right time to pack your bags and move out of this relationship. Continue reading “My Boyfriend cheated on me – What should I do: Top 5 Signs”

Can my Ex Love Me Again: Getting my Love back

Many people have get into a relationship and often break off due to various reasons. However parting off is not just the end, they spend lots of time wondering if they can get their ex back or fall in love with them all over again. Questions like how do I get my ex boyfriend back or I want my ex boyfriend back all of it may be running in your mind every time, but the thing which may restrain you from thinking all of this is the last words from your ex, i.e. they don’t love you anymore or don’t want to be in this relationship. Some women also ruin their married life by doing comparison of her husband with her ex-lover. They always point out small mistakes of her husband. These types of women always have regrets with her husband after marriage. Continue reading “Can my Ex Love Me Again: Getting my Love back”